Olivia Culpo's Bangs — Real Or Fake?

Bangs are a major coif decision. They instantly transform a cut or your look and they require some commitment, due to maintenance and how long it takes to grow them out. Model Olivia Culpo got bangs a mere few weeks after chopping her glossy brown hair into a bob. But are these new bangs real? Or are they clip-ins?

Let's first acknowledge the fact that Culpo clearly struggled to adjust to having shorter hair, which is to be expected. She posted adorable photos of herself adapting to less length and pretty much suggested in her captions that she had a slight case of chopper's remorse, even though she looked absolutely breathtaking with a bob. She joked about not being able to do ponytails anymore and having to rely on tons of bobby pins for updos.

So it shocked me to see that Nick Jonas' former girlfriend would go for another drastic and dramatic change so soon. Adding bangs to a bob gives the cut a major makeover. While I immediately looked at Culpo with bangs and thought, "Stunning!," I remained skeptical given her reaction to her bob.

Let's have a look at Culpo, a former Miss Universe, with her new bangs. Be forewarned, though! She might inspire you to want the same exact cut.

The bangs are heavy, above the brow, and perfectly blended into her bob. Or maybe that's a wig! Initial reaction? Me likey! It's so "Fashion Girl."

What a chic cut! The bangs elevate Culpo's look to Euro chic, that's for sure! As Byrdie noted, the presentation takes its inspo from French girls and there's no arguing with that.

Bangs? Check. Brows? Check. Lashes? Check. Bold red lip? Check.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news re: Culpo's bangs, but she concluded her series of bangs selfies with a photo sans the pretty fringe, captioning it as follows: "JK bangs were fake. But jeez thanks for telling me how you guys really feel!!!" Clearly, her bangs got a reaction from fans and followers.

It was quite an emotional roller coaster with Culpo and her bangs. They were fun while they lasted, which was over the course of three Insta pics in one day. Culpo certainly made the case for clip-ins, as hers looked anything but faux.

However, the fact that she has such a perfect arch in her brows is reason enough to not do bangs. I would want to show off that browscaping and bangs could detract from it!

Images: Olivia Culpo/Instagram (4)