Ombre Gray (or "Ombgray") Styles Are So Versatile

Ombre hair, where strands get progressively lighter or darker, is still a thing, although some might argue that it reached its peak popularity a few years ago. Granny hair, however, remains a burgeoning and growing trend. So what about ombre gray styles, or as I like to call them, "ombgray" styles? Yes, those exist, thanks to insanely creative colorists, stylists, and wigs.

If you want to try the gray hair trend, but don't want to go full on silver or granny with your strands, well, why not opt for something ombre, which means you get tons of depth, dimension, and don't look like you have a full head of premature gray hair? Unless, of course, that is your preference, which is an awesome one at that.

An ombre gray style —likely via a wig— is certainly an option for trying this trend, since it can be mixed with black, silver, or white to achieve the desired ombre effect. Additionally, ombre gray hair can be mixed throughout. It doesn't have to be simply lighter or darker as you go down the hair shaft. You really can play with ombre gray styles and retain fresh and youthful vigor. The best thing about this color option is that it can be imperfect and look oh-so-natural. That's always a good thing, isn't it?

"Ombgray" is so crazy versatile. Here are eight photos to inspire your next color change.

1. Black & Gray

I love this ombre gray look because there is so much black woven into it. Not only are the ends of some of her strands black, but some of the under locks are, too! Also, these gray strands have add another level of definition to the curls. There is no clear line of demarcation of when things get lighter or darker and that's why I love it so much.

2. Bangs & Pony

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Orange Is the New Black actress Dasha Polanco has been a big proponent of the granny gray trend. Last year, she wore bangs with a low pony, the tips and under layer of which are darker.

3. Extreme Length

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you are going to go ombgray, well, you may as well go big, right? Here is Polanco, who is one of the sexiest curvy women walking this earth, with her gray strands long and flowing but with dark ends. The contrast is gorgeous and while this likely is not her real hair, it still looks amazeballs. Notice the tips exactly match the roots.

4. Purple Hair, Don't Care

Black isn't the only color you can mix with gray! Polanco combined light purple with her gray strands and the results were fantastic. This may very well be a wig, but the purple brought out some of the icy sheen of the strands. The hair gets darker and more purple at the tips, whereas ombre usually goes from dark roots to lighter tips.

5. Gray Day

I told you she was the patron saint of ombgray! This 'do has a mix of black and purple, at least with this filter!

6. From Darkness To Light

This beauty's ombre gray look is so standout because of the stark contrast of how it shifts from dark to light.

7. Ombre Gray Bob

This ombre gray hair is delish on so many levels. The angled bob and the anything-but-subtle switch from black roots to gray tips provide double the bold contrast. This look is probably best achieved with a wig since it's probably really expensive and incredibly difficult to get get such a preciseness with these ombre colors.

8. All About That Contrast

Don't you love the contrast of the matte black, brown, and silver? This coif is just so multi-dimensional and she works every inch of it.

This handful of styles may be real or faux, dye jobs or wigs or extensions. But one thing is definite. They all look utterly gorgeous and provide total inspo to go ombre gray! Consult a profesh and see what you come up with regarding what is feasible for your budget and for your hair type and texture.

Images: Chelsaurus Rex/Instagram (1); Dasha Polanco/Instagram (2); aliciarodgers280/Instagram (1); enithin/Instagram (1); V_for_Vampire/Instagram (1)