IGH Could Have A Super Plan On 'Jessica Jones'

There was a lot happening in the first season of Jessica Jones. From mind control, to superhero strength, there were a lot of things to take in. Aside from Kilgrave and Jessica's gifts, one big mystery on Jessica Jones is IGH. This unknown organization that Trish learned about poses a lot of questions for those that finished the season in less than a week. Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait until Season 2 to learn more about the organization, but judging by what we know, it seems like maybe IGH is breeding superheroes on Jessica Jones . And while that sounds crazy, this is Marvel, so nothing is impossible. Warning: spoilers for the entire first season ahead.

When we first learn about IGH, we only know that Simpson's doctor (Koslov) works for the private research corporation. It answered the question why Simpson was so persistent on Koslov treating him, but it didn't quite answer what Simpson was doing with Koslov. As it turns out, IGH was funding Simpson's drug trials — which we saw take a turn for the worse as the season progressed.

IGH is nonexistent as far as Trish and I can tell. There's no evidence of it on Google, making it super top secret. We do know that IGH paid for Jessica's medical bills after her accident, so even though Trish's mom says that they didn't know about Jessica's "abilities," something makes me think they did.

Why would a private research corporation pay for a random child's medical bills? Probably because they have something invested in that child, especially when that child has super-human strength. This only seemed more possible when Simpson started taking pills (the red ones) that gave him equal or greater strength to Jessica. If Koslov gave Simpson these pills that control his strength, it's safe to say that the private research corporation is most likely working on developing medicine that can give these super-human abilities to normal humans.

We know that Simpson was part of special forces, but if IGH was working with the government or at least within Simpson's team, they could have been supplying pills that would give the special forces team extra human strength. It would make sense if they were aware of humans that naturally possess these powers, like Jessica, and did anything they could to protect them (aka pay medical bills) in hopes of studying their strength and abilities in the future.

So, what does this mean for future seasons of Jessica Jones? If Trish digs deep enough, she may find that people who are participants in IGH trials are developing skills that no human should have. What it could create is a dangerous fleet of super humans, exhibiting superhero strength. As we saw with Simpson, these pills made him very violent and relentless. Should the pills fall into the wrong hands, it could damage a whole lot more than walls and furniture in someone's apartment.

Images: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix; Giphy