11 Times Spencer Was You During The Holidays

There are so many reasons to love the holidays. If the most wonderful time of the year for you is between November and January, then you're likely the same person who organizes secret Santa parties, makes stockings for all of your friends, and knows how to perfectly decorate the sugar cookies. There's a certain magic to the holiday season that pretty much everyone can feel — the Christmas magic is so strong that it was even able to permeate the morbid bubble of Rosewood. (The Pretty Little Liars may not have had the most traditional Christmas, but hey, they had turkey and a tree, right?) All of the girls had different ways of handling their Christmas spirit, but if there's one person who understands that the holidays can be as difficult as they can be magical, it's our girl Spencer Hastings. After all, she was nearly arrested for murder around the holidays — and that's not something a sexy Santa outfit can fix.

If you need a character inspiration to help you survive the holidays, look no further than these quotes from Spencer. The brilliant, quick, and always articulate Rosewood resident knows exactly what to say in whatever situation the holidays throw your way. Here are 11 Spencer-isms that will help you out during the chilliest time of the year:

1. When Someone Gets You A Really Bizarre Gift Because It Made Them "Think Of You"

You're not really sure why your aunt saw that pig sweater and thought you'd love it, but you're going to search through every memory that you have with her to see if there's some childhood connection. Maybe she took you to a farm when you were little...?

2. When Your Friend Says She Hopes Her Boyfriend Gets Her That Chanel Bag

Her boyfriend gets paid minimum wage and doesn't have a trust fund waiting in the bank, so you're going to go with a "never going to happen" on this present.

3. When You Meet Your Cousin's Baby For The First Time

An adorable baby wearing a tiny elf costume?!? So many happy feels!

4. When That Same Baby Is Screaming During Christmas Dinner

That's when you realize that babies are a lot cuter when they're quiet.

5. When You Realize Your Mom Totally Re-Gifted That Present To Your Grandma

Because grandma IS going to find out, and will remind your mom about that secondhand candle at every Christmas going forward for the rest of time.

6. When You Hear Your Uncle Whispering Snarky Comments About You To Your Aunt

So what if you're single and your job has nothing to do with your degree? It's the holidays. Play nice or go. As long as they leave the pumpkin pie on the table, you really don't care.

7. When You Try To Put Together A Gingerbread House

The instructions on the kit made it seem so simple, but it is most decidedly not. Who says that your house needs to have walls, right?

8. When You Get A Look At The Turkey For The First Time

It's beautiful, you're starving, and you need a big hunk of that bird right away.

9. When Your Friend Asks If They Really Need To Follow The Exact Recipe You Gave Her For The Pie

There's so much room for error! What kind of insane person would just wing this very specific, very delicious recipe?

10. When You See Your Nephew In A Christmas Pageant

Sure, his singing was a little off-key, and you've seen more compelling Rudolph's, but your nephew doesn't need to know that.

11. When You Still Have A Million More Presents To Wrap And It's 11PM On Christmas Eve

So much to do, so much caffeine needed to do it.

Happy holidays, from the Hastings home to yours.

Images: ABC Family (screenshot); Giphy (11)