N.Y. Congressman To Marry Same-Sex Partner and Make History

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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) announced Tuesday that he is engaged to his long-term, same-sex partner. Maloney, 47, became engaged to his partner of 21 years, Randy Florke, on Christmas Day. They have three children together. The announcement will make Maloney the second-ever sitting congressman to marry a same-sex partner. The New York congressman, who represents the state's Hudson Valley region, is openly gay, but was beaten to the history books by former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank. Frank married his long-time partner Jim Ready shortly before retiring in 2012.

New York is one of 17 states and the District of Columbia that has legalized gay marriage. While more states are now recognizing same-sex marriage and public opinion continues to show support (half of all Americans now support same-sex marriage), the number of LGBT-identifying politicians remains staggeringly low. There are only six openly gay or bisexual members of the 113th Congress. Together, they make up seven out of 535 House and Senate seats, putting a whole new spin on label of 'the one percent.'

Take a look at the other six openly-gay congresspeople and senators. Perhaps by the next election, there will be a few more politicians to click through.

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