Lucy Westcott
I'm a journalist, writer, and reporter with a special interest in women's rights, reproductive rights (namely abortion access and FGM), humanitarian issues, and immigration. My work has appeared in Newsweek, PopSugar, The Atlantic, Bustle, and the Guardian. I also have experience producing branded content and recently worked as a freelance producer and writer at Atlantic Re:think, the branded content arm of the Atlantic. I've reported across the U.S. and from the field in Jordan, Egypt, Cameroon, South Africa and Lesotho. I'm a trivia champion, classically trained singer, film lover, and world traveler. I've visited 47 U.S. states and am looking for reasons to go to Ohio, Hawaii and Alaska.

The State of The Union, In Three Words

President Barack Obama will be delivering his fifth State of the Union address this evening, which will no doubt be live-tweeted by armchair pundits around the country. It's been an interesting year for the president: 2013 marked the introduction of…
By Lucy Westcott