12 TV Quotes That Sum Up Your Love Of Leftovers

Let me get real for a second: leftovers. Am I crazy in thinking that although the main dinner of Thanksgiving is infinitely awesome , that the delicious leftovers are perhaps the best part of it? Personally I'm a fan of creating what I'd like to call the Frankenstein Sandwich, wherein you take a little of everything from your main course and wham it all onto one, gigantic beautiful beast of a double slice of bread paradise. Good God. That's a lot to be thankful for.

Leftovers are perfect for any time of the year. Eat them cold, reheat them, but most importantly, get creative. This is the perfect opportunity to get experimental in the kitchen, and you have the perfect pre-made canvas and supplies with which to let your yummy artistic flair fly. I'm talking turkey (or, in my case, tofurkey — no judgement, please!) with marshmallows, a bursting to the brim Thanksgiving burrito, potatoes wrapped in pizza slices (for those of you who ordered out the day before Thanksgiving and cleverly kept some spare), a vegetable medley on a sweet potato bun or a triple pie slice sandwich. The potential is endless and magical, my friends.

So please, join me in piling up your plate, put on your special pair of Thanksgiving Pants and lets some of the greatest minds of TV provide your essential 12 step guide to leftovers whilst our mouths are too full to speak.

1. Eating A Gigantic, Beautifully Prepared Thanksgiving Dinner Can Be So Difficult

2. Mostly Because It Makes You Realise Just How Much You Love Food, And It's Frankly A Little Scary

3. Though There's Always That One Family Member Who'll Restore Your Love For People By Offering You The First Pick Of Leftovers

4. Leftovers Totally Fill You With An Abundance Of Fluttering, Delicious Love

5. But That First Leftover Scrap Is A Gateway Snack, You Need More!

6. But Hopefully You Know The Score And Have Come To Dinner Prepared

7. And Now You're 100 Percent The Space Cowboy Of Leftovers

8. In Fact, Your Love Knows No Bounds — You've Become A Leftovers Renegade

9. But It's Totally Worth It, Because You Understand How Essential They Are To Life

10. You're Unapologetic In Your Food Marathon

11. Even When All The Good Food Is Gone, You Still Manage To Make It Work

12. That's Because You're A Total Queen! Now, Bask In Your Glory And Survey Your Land Of Vanquished Plates; You've Won Thanksgiving

Did I mention that I just really, really love leftovers? They're the best. Now go forth and eat! You've totally got this.

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