Leather Jackets Made In Labs May Be The Next Big Thing Plus Faux Leather Jackets To Shop Right Now

"Biofabrication" is a term you might not be familiar with yet, but you could soon be adding pieces to your closet made from the technology. As revealed in Grist, amateur scientist and fashion designer Suzanne Lee is out to create leather jackets made in labs thanks to the new scientific advances. In doing so, Lee hopes to revolutionize the world of fashion and the industry's impact on the environment.

Lee described her interest in biofabrication, which Clemson university defines as "the production of complex living and non-living biological products from raw materials such as living cells, molecules, and biomaterials," as purely coincidental. She was researching for an upcoming book, Fashioning the Future: Tomorrow’s Wardrobe, when she met a biologist and engineer "who told her that it was possible to make textiles using microorganisms."

After that chance meeting, Lee later became a TED fellow due to her amazing "home-grown" jackets made "from the bacteria and yeast found in a kombucha starter culture." She's now the chief creative officer at Modern Meadow, a startup in Brooklyn growing slaughter-free leather. The company is still several years away from creating a jacket ready to hit retail stores, but her garments could be the key to creating a world where harvesting animals is no longer needed to make hot moto jackets.

You can watch Lee's TED talk to get a better understanding on the whole process:

While you're waiting for Lee's jackets to become a retail reality, check out these faux leather jackets below!

1. Faux Leather Biker Jacket

Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $110, TopShop

Faux leather jacket plus fur-free trim? Yes please.

2. Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $168, Free People

Steal the scene in this firecracker red faux leather jacket.

3. Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket, $98, BLANKNYC

Can't go wrong with this classic style.

4. Faux Leather Moto (Plus Available)

Faux Leather Moto, $37.99, Kohl's

Another effortlessly chic style that would pair with everything.

5. Drapey Faux Leather Jacket

Drapey Faux Leather Jacket, $88, BB Dakota

Let it flow, let it flowwwww.

6. Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket

Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket, $118, NastyGal

Can we just stop and appreciate all the zipper action?

7. Ultimate Biker Jacket (Plus Available)

Ultimate Biker Jacket, $81, ASOS

How dreamy is this tan shade?

Images: Courtesy of Brands