Was That Mr. Freeze On 'Gotham'? Indian Hill Has Galavan & A Couple Of Infamous Comic Book Villains

Indian Hill was already one of the most dangerous places in Gotham City, and now, after the Gotham fall finale, it has Theo Galavan's body. But in addition to a glimpse of Galavan's desecrated corpse in the lab of one of the scientists (though there's no comic book precedence for a character named Ms. Peabody), there was also a final tease where a character looked like Mr. Freeze appeared on Gotham , wearing a pair of huge round goggles and wielding what looked like a home-rigged freeze ray, used to attack a random suited man. The frozen aftermath of that attack would make one heck of a cold case (I apologize for nothing) to start the remainder of the second season when the show returns in February.

Interesting to note: There has been no use of actual superpowers yet on Gotham, but there have been a good amount of characters who have homemade suits or weapons that give them the appearance of superpowers, in addition to plenty of corporate intrigue that does chemical experiments, giving people odd abilities. So even though the show has already cast Nora Fries and Victor Fries' origins will play a big part in Season 2, it's almost a little surprising to see someone dressed in a cryogenic suit, because in most versions of Mr. Freeze's origin story, he does not adopt the sub-zero suit until the accident that essentially transforms him into a monster who can only survive at very low temperatures.

But this version of the character — or someone else who's wearing his signature goggles — is already dressed up and using ice to attack people. This is going to be a very different interpretation of the character, unless the accident where Nora Fries, whom Victor tries to save from terminal illness with a cryogenic experiment gone horribly wrong, is being pushed up to the point where Bruce Wayne is still just a teen. Normally it happens while Batman is roaming the streets, and Freeze only becomes a villain after being transformed physically.

It's also possible that in order to do more with the characters than, say, the wink wink, nudge nudge cameo Robin's parents got in the back half of Season 1, that Victor and Nora will have a totally different backstory in Gotham's story that will be totally new to comics fans and neophytes alike.

Image: Nicole Rivelli/FOX; Giphy