This Will Probably Be Your New Favorite Show

In addition to that awesome-sounding show from Charlie Kaufman starring Michael Cera, it seems that FX has picked up another series that sounds like it holds a ton of potential: According to Uproxx, Louis C.K. and Zach Galifianakis are teaming up for a new FX series, which will be written by the both of them and star Galifianakis. This, along with last year's news that we're finally getting a new season of Louie this May, and the fact that FX already has a ton of other great shows — *cough*American Horror Story: Coven*cough* — pretty much means that FX wins at the programming game today.

So, what's the show about? That hasn't been revealed: According to EW, FX refuses to reveal that information. But hey, who cares? The information that Galifianakis and C.K. are working together on a project for a network that doesn't suck is really all the news I need to hear in order to get me to watch it. They didn't even have to specify it's a show, all they had to say was "Zach Galifianakis and Louis C.K." and I'd tune in to watch them stare at paint dry for like six hours. It'd probably be hilarious.

The show isn't about that, though. Probably not.

Yay Zach Galifianakis and Louis C.K.!

Image: theclearlydope/Tumblr