Emma Roberts Could Play A Huge Role On 'AHS'

Here's what we know to be true: Emma Roberts is coming to American Horror Story: Hotel . As for who she's playing, and what she'll be doing at Hotel Cortez, that's still anyone's guess. According to series creator Ryan Murphy, Roberts "comes at the end. She comes and she has a great thing with Evan Peters at the end." While that could mean literally anything right now, the end is quickly approaching, which is why I think Emma Roberts is playing the still-unseen first governess for the vampire kids.

Roberts told Entertainment Weekly that her role on AHS: Hotel is "everything you could dream of and more. Everything you could nightmare about and more ... everyone’s in for a great shock." While she could be playing some unmentioned brand new character, more than likely the show has been setting up her arrival all along. And, who's one of the only characters we've heard about but still haven't seen? This vampire kids' original governess.

Currently on AHS, we know that Alex has just been hired to be the new governess for the kids. The Countess makes some passing comment about how she never really cared for the old governess, and that she's been gone for so long. A few speculated that this old governess is Iris, but that wouldn't make much sense. Surely Iris hasn't been working here for that long, right? And, nothing against Iris, but she doesn't seem to be the best with kids...

Knowing that Roberts is coming, and that her character has something to do with Mr. March, that leaves a few options for who she is, and even fewer for when she appears. If it's something to do with Mr. March, this means it happened in the past, before he died. So we're looking 30s and 40s. After his hotel was built, let's say after he and The Countess hooked up, and before he died.

As of right now, it's not clear when The Countess started collecting kids, but more than likely this is no new hobby for her. After she was stood up by her two movie star lovers (and that's all because Mr. March had them entombed in the hotel), she needed something new in her life, right? Why not turn to kids? This is all purely speculation on my part, but it would make sense if this is what brings Roberts to the show finally. The Countess hires her as the kids' governess.

And everything is going great. That is, until — maybe to get back at her for still sleeping around, or maybe because that's just his character — Mr. March and the governess might have a fling. The Countess gets mad, obviously, and kills the governess. That's why she's so iffy about hiring a new one, and it would explain why she hasn't in so many years. Even though Mr. March is dead, she's still wary of what he and a new governess might do.

Whoever she plays, whether the governess or not (but I like to believe I'm TOTALLY right with this), Roberts is going to show up sometimes over the next few episodes. And after these episodes, AHS will be over and the entire circle of character speculation will begin again for the next installment, which will hopefully include Roberts in some way, too.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX; Giphy