7 Classic Watches That Won't Break The Bank

In a world of smart phones and tablets, classic watches have arguably lost their appeal. Why wear a watch on your wrist when you've got a device in your pocket that not only tells time, but can take photos, give you directions, and order you anything you want on seamless? Here's one reason: Because they're classic. Like T. Swift, they never go out of style, and are way less likely to die on you.

I remember growing up, I always coveted my mother's beautiful Piaget watch, with its classic alligator skin black strap, rectangular gold-trimmed face, and the simple, minimal "P" engraved onto the buckle. My sisters and I have tried (and failed) far too many times to stealthily steal it, but alas, it remains on her wrist, a timeless piece of jewelry that I'll always dream of.

While a Piaget is not exactly in my budget, there are plenty of timeless watches that won't break the budget. In general, the more minimal, the better, so it can really be paired with anything. Personally, I own more black leather, but brown leather straps are also a nice option to have in your wardrobe. Or, if you're not a leather strap kind of gal or guy, there's always the metal links. Whichever your preference, there's a watch out there that'll stand the test of time and won't make you go broke.

Check out these seven options that'll last you 'til you can afford to buy your dream watch. Or, last you a lifetime.

1. The Croc

Daniel Wellington Classic York 36mm, $199,

This is about as simple as it gets! love the gold and brown crocodile leather combo.

2. The Half & Half

Nixon Kenzi Leather Watch, $237,

Love the painted look on this watch. And, if you can't decide on a color, you don't have to with this one!

3. All White Errthang

Komono Estelle Leather Watch, $95,

Is there a better combo than white and gold? I don't think so.

4. Black Out

Nixon The Kensington Leather Watch, $145,

Love the gold face on this one — Looks incredibly chic.

5. The Mesh

Anne Klein Women's Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet Watch, $95,

If you're more of a stainless steel type of person, a mesh one gives a nice feminine touch.

6. The Rose Gold

MICHAEL Michael Kors Slim Runway Bracelet Watch, $195,

The ultimate argument: Silver or gold? How about neither, and go with rose gold?

7. The Nude Beauty

Kate Spade New York Metro Round Leather Strap Watch, $195,

When in doubt, always go with nude.

Remember: A nice watch doesn't always have to cost you an arm and a leg. But if you do want to invest in a classic watch that'll last you a few years, you may have to cough up some cash. Luckily, these options meet right in the middle. Happy watch shopping!

Images: Nordstrom