7 Reasons You Shouldn't Ditch Your Analog Watch

by Maxine Builder

I'm a sucker for a good analog wristwatch, and over the years, I've amassed a sizable collection of them. My current go-to is a Timex Easy Reader, which has a sick light-up feature and is perfect for everyday wear. I also have a beautiful silver and gold Victorinox watch my grandparents gave me for my college graduation, as well a wonderfully delicate Omega watch from my mother (but more on that one later). When I was studying abroad in India, I wore a black plastic Casio digital watch, and in middle school, I rocked a plastic Swatch watch with Tintin's face on the face.

With the advent of the smart watch, and the impending release of the Apple Watch, it's hard for me not to feel some nostalgia for analog watches. (What can I say? I'm a traditionalist, and those watches have looked great on my wrist over the years.) There are over a million people waiting for the Apple Watch, and although a lot of the Apple Watch's features seem really cool, I would remind us all not to underestimate the power of a good, old-fashioned wristwatch. As someone who feels naked if she's not wearing her watch, I give you seven reasons not to ditch your analog watch in favor of something "smarter," because really, an analog wristwatch is the original smart watch and all you really need.

1. You Instantly Seem More Professional

There are plenty of human resources professionals and career counselors who claim wearing a watch to an interview will help you get a job, especially if you're a Millennial. Although I don't have any definitive data on this, I do think there's something to be said about the image you project when you're wearing a watch. You're showing that you care about being on time, which implies you care about deadlines. Maybe I'm just projecting my own biases here, but a watch is definitely the most professional, office-friendly accessory out there.

2. You're Less Reliant On Your Cellphone

The other day, I ordered a new watch online and had it delivered to my office, and when I opened the package at my desk, some of my coworkers were genuinely shocked that I had bought an analog wristwatch. The general question was, "Why do you need a watch when you can check your cellphone?" Well, my phone is usually shoved somewhere in the bottom of my purse, so if I need to quickly check the time, it seems silly to rummage around looking for it. It's nice to not be so dependent on my phone for everything.

3. And You Don't Have To Worry About People Tracking When You're Sleeping

One of the things that freaks me out most about the whole wearable technology trend is the device's ability to track every detail of my life, from how fast my heart is beating to whether I'm asleep or awake. To be fair, my iPhone probably has the same capabilities, but there's something about having the sensor strapped to my wrist that makes it feel more invasive. Having your moves tracked isn't a problem with an analog wristwatch. No one's tracking that thing.

4. It Won't Run Out Of Batteries

Another reason I don't want to be reliant on my phone to tell time is because my phone dies all the time. Unlike my iPhone, my analog watch never dies. Well, that's not entirely true. I have had to replace batteries in my watches before, but maybe once every five years or so. In any case, I definitely don't have to charge my watch every night, and with all of the other tech devices I have, it's nice to not have to remember to plug one more thing in before going to bed.

5. The Design Options Are Unlimited

Unlike the Apple Watch, which will have only 21 different kinds of watch straps available, there are seemingly infinite designs for analog watches, from the most sober black leather strap to the most whimsical cartoon characters on the face. Whatever your interest, you can find an analog watch to match.

6. A Nice Watch Is An Heirloom

Before I went off to college, my mom gave me her old Omega watch. It's a beautifully delicate silver watch, but it's even more valuable because it was given to me by her. It's the kind of thing that I could pass down to my daughter someday, too. Something's telling me you won't be able to pass down your $10,000 smart watch the same way you could pass down a Rolex.

7. It Does Exactly What You Want It To Do: Tell The Time

An analog wristwatch is a watch, and that's it. You can get a little fancy with a watch that tells the date, but all a watch is meant to do is to tell the time, and boy, does it do that one really well. In this digital age, there's something incredibly refreshing about owning a tool with a single purpose, with no extra bells and whistles.

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