8 Chic Notebooks For Style Lovers

Is there anything as satisfying than starting off a new journal and writing your name in using your favorite pen? I think not — Especially in chic notebooks that fit every type of fashion gal. When it comes to your precious thoughts, why not treat them with the utmost care? While I'm down for a simple notebook for jotting down notes, quick confirmation numbers, and to-do lists, there's nothing like opening up a fresh journal you truly love and filling it with your thoughts.

My mother once told me to keep all my notebooks, as one day, they'd become a window into my past, telling me exactly what I did on a particular day. This was when I decided that I should invest in a beautiful notebook that I would not only enjoy writing in, but also love looking at.

While most of my journal pages end up blank (I blame busy days), I do hope that one day, maybe next year, when I'll find time every single day to jot down a few notes. Whether your new notebook serves as a journaling tool or purely for to-do lists and organization, it always feels so good to smell the scent of new paper. The only thing more heavenly than that is using a new pen that writes smoothly.

With 2016 around the corner (oh, geez, I've got a lot of holiday shopping to do), get a head start on next year's notebooks with these picks, below.

1. The Textured Notebook

Smythson Mara Collection 2016 King's Diary, $285, Smythson

This diary is almost too beautiful to write in.

2. The Leather Cover

Refillable Cognac Leather Notebook, $12,

Love the rustic look and feel of this leather notebook.

3. The Little Gold Book

Kate Spade New York Little Gold Medium Notebook, $16, Bloomingdale's

How cute is this little gold book? With pink trimmed pages, this wins most adorable notebook of the year.

4. This Embossed Beauty

Christina Lacroix Paseo Embossed Lay-Flat Notebook, $22, Bloomingdale's

5. For The Glam Mama

Rifle Paper Co x Garance Doré Leo Notebooks, $15, Nordstrom

Seriously...How Hollywood glam are these?!

6. For The Monogram Lovers

Graphic Image Personalized 9" Notebook With Spiral Insert, $158, Nieman Marcus

If you're big on personalized items, this chic leather notebook should definitely be on your wish list.

7. For The Marble Obsessed

Gold Marbled Notebook, $12, Need Supply

BRB, ordering like a hundred of these. Marble is having a serious moment right now, and why not have your notebooks join the fun?

8. For Vintage Lovers

Dessin Notebook, $65, Shop Tiques

This notebook will have you feeling like you stepped into a time machine.

Part of the writing process is finding a beautiful place to store your thoughts when the creative juices start flowing! And these definitely won't disappoint.

Images: Paramount Pictures