Super Cute Diaries & Journals For The New Year

In this world there are those of us who are utterly obsessed with stationery and those who are not. So in order to prepare for the upcoming new year — 2016 is less than six weeks away people — feast your eyes on these adorable diaries and journals. There are many things I enjoy in the world, but there's nothing like the feeling of opening up a brand new, beautiful diary on the first day of a new year and beginning to input your plans onto those pristine pages.

To me, the smell of new stationery is heavenly. It's sort of like the smell of old books but in reverse; instead of being full of nostalgia, intrigue, and history, the smell of new stationery evokes feelings of a fresh start and an exciting new chapter of your life. Diaries and journals are not only useful for planning your year ahead, but they also act as memoirs once the year is over. Looking back on the pages of an old diary can be like taking a trip down memory lane.

So in order to help keep you organized, here is a selection of super cute diaries and journals which will ensure sure your stationery game is on point in 2016.

1. The Divinely Inspired, Peaceful & Perfect Journal

Bon Mot Journal, $18,

Made from vegan leather, this lovely journal comes in three different colorways: pink, gray, or turquoise — each with their own unique wording on the cover. Record your day to day life, hopes, and dreams in this sweetly feminine journal.

2. The Ted Baker Diary

Ted Baker A5 Diary, $27,

This diary featuring, "Divine dates, Delicious dinners, Devilish discos" on the front cover is enough to get anyone excited about 2016. It's a new year which brings with it much excitement and many possibilities. The fact that the page edges are golden makes my stationery fanatic heart flutter.

3. The Beautifully Illustrated Diary

Oohlala Bonne Chance Simple Rainbow Undated Planner, $16.40,

Speaking from experience, Oohlala planners are not only incredibly beautiful with surprise illustrations scattered throughout their pages, but they're also super functional too. This design contains weekly, monthly, and yearly pages which are all undated, so if you go travelling or take some time out, your charming diary will not go to waste.

4. The Mini Monthly Planners

'Colour A Month' - Daily Planner, $39.95,

If you like to plan for the immediate future and hate lugging around a thick diary, the Moleskine 'Colour A Month' Daily Planner set could be just your cup of tea. Stationery addicts will be pleased to know that each notebook contains a ribbon bookmark which matches the color of each diary – it's all in the details!

5. The Traveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook Brown Leather (1, 1 LB,) $34.49,

This notebook is comprised of a leather cover which was handmade in Chiangmai in Thailand and although it looks simple, it's been causing a storm among stationery lovers. In an article for The Telegraph Cathy Bussey explains, "I’m holding in my hands the must-have item of 2015, all butter-soft brown leather and white, clean, crisp lines. Not a designer dress or handbag, but the Midori Travelers Notebook stationery that afficionados, bloggers and critics are raving about." Stationery snobs – this one's for you.

6. The Marvellous Mini Diary

Paperchase Mini Glitter Diary 2016, $8.50,

Fancy a little sparkle in your life? This teeny, shimmering diary should do the trick! Useful and gorgeous, this little diary proves that all that glitters is not always gold.

7. The 17-Month Extraordinaire Agenda

2016 17-Month Large Agenda - Quick And Curious, $36,

Are you looking for something for the long haul which is also aesthetically pleasing to your peepers? This divine Kate Spade agenda book will make all of your wildest scheduling dreams come true.

8. The Cute Collage Diary

Soulmate Diary In "Blue," approx. $26,

This intriguing diary will excite those with passions for photography, design, or generally beautiful objects. It is undated and unlined so the user has full creative control.

9. The Pretty Polka Dot Diary

Mice Spots A5 Day To View Euro 2016 Diary, $21.50,

This quirky, polka dot print diary will bring some serious fun into organizing your life.

10. The Ticket Stub Diary

Ticket Stub Diary By Chronicle Books, $14.95,

If you're more of a visual kind of gal, instead of writing down the occurrences of your everyday life, go down the non-traditional route and keep a journal of all of your ticket stubs instead. It will be really fun to look back on this in 2017 and remember all of the wonderful things you did.

11. The Hogwarts Journal

Deluxe A5 Hogwarts Diary/Journal/Notebook, $54.47,

Hold on to your Sorting Hats Potterheads, you're in for an exciting treat. How would you like a diary which boasts the Hogwarts crest on the front, comes in the Hogwarts House colors of your choosing, and can be re-used each year due to a removable interior diary? You had better order this handmade item soon to make sure you receive it before the new year.

Go forth into 2016 feeling super organized and starry eyed with your new diary!

Images: Courtesy Brands