Kitten Block Heels That Are Inspired By Grandma

Grandpa and grandma style have been all the rage lately, thanks to the popularity of oversized sweaters and eyewear. Now, your feet is about to get a major grandmama update, as kitten block heels have taken the shoe game by storm. And thank God for them — My poor feet have been loving this trend. Although, if I'm being honest, they've lost all feeling from all the bleeding they've done, à la Rachel Greene.

Macklemore may have rapped about thrift shopping, we've been doing this for far longer than when the song came out. I'm talking Goodwill, Salvation Army, and local mom and pop shops. Bargain bin digging, rifling through questionable pieces, and non-stop sneezing are all part of the beautiful process. But oh, when you do find that one magical item, it feels like pure bliss.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that the block kitten heel has come back in style. Not only is it incredibly chic (hello, Coco Chanel), but they're also incredibly comfortable. Gone are the days of hobbling to and from the subway, or carrying heels in my bag and walking in flip flops. And hello to happy feet and being able to carry small purses. Plus, they happen to look so chic with wide-legged trousers or raw hem jeans and an oversized sweater.

This is one trend you can definitely find me wearing all fall-long. Bonus points if you can pull them off with socks on! Below, find eight options that'll have you looking timeless all season.

1. The Loafer

Daisy Street Black Loafer Kitten Heel Chelsea Shoes $45,

'Scuse me, but how cool are these?

2. The Classic Ballet

Sarina Pump, $198,

This is what you call a grown-up shoe.

3. The Fuzzy Balls

ASOS SAY YOU WILL Pointed Heels, $72,

I'm sorry, but have you seen anything more whimsical than these? Cher Horowitz would definitely approve.

4. The Mary Jane

Jeffrey Campbell Twyla-2, $125,

Want, need, and deserve right now.

5. The Printed Beauty

Senso Isla I, $320,

And if you're one for statement shoes, these booties will certainly do just that.

6. Lace It Up

GOLD Round Toe Ghille Shoes, $120,

Well, that's certainly one way to sex up your shoes.

7. Bow Vibes

Zara Medium Heel Shoes With A Bow, $59.90,

In love with the deep red burgundy color of these heels, and the cute bow just tops it all off.

8. The Pointed Pump

Vagabond Saida Suede Heel, $140,

Love how this shoe is both modern and vintage at the same time.

This season, take a note from your beloved grandma and throw on some kitten block heels with your favorite mom jeans and ripped tee. You'll be the envy of every fashion gal.