32 Secret Santa Gifts For Someone You Don't Know

You’re probably familiar with the holiday-tinged dread of being assigned a complete stranger as your Secret Santa. While in the past you may have tried your best to find out as much as possible about them, this year you don’t have to stress as much, thanks to these Secret Santa ideas for someone you don’t know. Seriously, this list will please pretty much anyone in your office, school, or greater social circle.

I’ll admit that the art of Secret Santa gifting can be pretty tricky to nail. You don’t want to get your person a gift that no one wants to receive, but you also want to get an inexpensive Secret Santa gift. Of course it does help to know what your recipient likes — as well as any important allergies or extreme aversions — but you don’t need to be best friends with someone to get them the perfect gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts. As long as you don’t scrounge something together in the last minute, you should be just fine.

Holiday season, though it may not always seem like it, is about so much more than gift-giving. But in order to lift some weight off your shoulders, these 30 gifts should do the trick with your Secret Santa.

1. Amani Ya Juu Candle

Amani Ya Juu Candle , $22, Amaniafrica

Available in appealing lemongrass and sage or rosemary and mint scents, this candle will not only make a wonderful home addition, it also does good. All proceeds benefit Amani ya Juu, a reconciliation program for marginalized women in Africa.

2. Geological Geode Ornament

Geological Geode Ornament , $8, Leifshop

These shiny ornaments will look pretty hanging on a Christmas tree year in and year out. But they could also merit a year-round place in your recipient's home.

3. DAYS Ballpoint Pens Woods Collection

DAYS Ballpoint Pens Woods Collection, $6 per pen, Omoionline

Covered in French text, these sleek, colorful Japanese-designed pens make an elegant addition to any desktop. Stock up on every color.

4. 100 Record Covers Book

1000 Record Covers, $15 Amazon

Even if your recipient isn't a major audiophile, this coffee table book still makes great eye candy. Plus, it might even inspire them to start collecting some vinyls of their own.

5. Laptop Brush

Laptop Brush, $15, S hopthemansion

Chances are, you would never buy yourself a laptop brush. But just think of how convenient it would be to have a tool specifically designed to get all those crumbs out of your keyboard.

6. Classic Wool Gloves

Classic Wool Gloves, $24, N eedsupply

Available in three colors, these warm wool gloves are a wintertime necessity. And since we're always losing gloves, it's helpful to have a spare pair.

7. Gold Playing Cards

Gold Playing Cards , $18, P oketo

The next time your recipient plays a card-based drinking game, it will be the most lavish drinking game ever.

8. Small Pouch

Small Pouch, $20, shopthemansion

A simple black pouch can have any number of uses. And that's what makes it the perfect gift when you're not super familiar with your recipient.

9. Andy Warhol Brillo Memo Pad

Andy Warhol Brillo Memo Pad , $15, A rtmarkit

Allow your recipient to bring out their inner artist with this memo pad inspired by one of the late 20th century's greatest pop cultural figures. It's way better than boring old sticky notes.

10. iPhone 6/6s Case

Symmetry Series Graphic Case, $40, Amazon

There are lots of iPhone cases to choose from, but these limited-edition Otterbox designs inspired by Nina Garcia are the prettiest you'll find. Plus, they'll keep your Secret Santa's phone ultra safe.

11. Akamba Ink Pen

Akamba Ink Pen , $12, A companyus

These refillable pens are handcrafted by artisans in Kenya, but they can easily be refilled with BIC ink. A portion of proceeds also goes to the Makindu Children's Program, which cares for over 400 orphans in Kenya.

12. 2016 Travel the World Desktop Calendar

2016 Travel the World Desktop Calendar, $18, L eifshop

A travel-inspired calendar could just be what your recipient needs to spark some vacation cravings. This pretty calendar will look great month after month.

13. Takenaka Bento Box

Takenaka Bento Box, $30, O moionline

Chances are, your Secret Santa recipient made a New Year resolution to pack their lunch more often. A bento box will help them actually keep that resolution.

14. Mast Brothers Chocolate

Mast Brothers Chocolate , $9, P oketo

No matter who your Secret Santa recipient is, you won't go wrong with a bar of chocolate. Especially if it's a fancy, pretty one.

15. Portable iPhone Charger

Portable iPhone Charger, $19, Urbanoutfitters

No one's battery ever lasts long enough. A backup charger is a life-saver at the least.

16. Great Minds Puzzles

Great Minds Puzzles, $25, U

This set of eight mind puzzles will keep your recipient entertained, and might even pull some of their attention away from their phone. A brain exercise is always a good idea.

17. Feel Good Candle

Feel Good Candle, $34, Origins

Everyone can appreciate a scented candle, and this one is particularly special. For every Feel Good Candle sold, Origins will partner up with Global ReLeaf to plant a tree.

18. Modus Oper-Handy Multi-Tool

Modus Oper-Handy Multi-Tool, $17, Modcloth

Who needs an entire tool box when this animal-themed multi-tool has most of what you need? It contains two screwdrivers, a wire stripper, file, hole puncher, bottle opener, and utility knife.

19. Barr-Co. Hand Cream

Barr-Co. Hand Cream , $21, Amazon

Winter wind is tough on everyone. Soothing, nice-smelling hand lotion makes that better.

20. Starburst Brass Ornaments

Starburst Brass Ornaments, $12, P oketo

This set of three ornaments adds some pretty shimmer to the holiday season. Ornaments always add a healthy dose of cheer.

21. Miniature Indoor Bonsai Tree

Miniature Indoor Bonsai Tree, $16, U rbanoutfitters

No green thumb is needed for this kit. Plus, a mini tree makes the perfect desktop companion.

22. Face Mug

Face Mug , $16, Amazon

A place for your beverage of choice, and a place for some cookies — what's not to love about this humorous mug? If anything, it'll get a laugh.

23. Motto Of The Day Stamp Set

Give the gift of good vibes with a stamp set that always sends a positive message.

Kate Spade Motto of the Day Stamp Set, $24, Amazon

24. Lost Ocean Coloring Book

You've probably already heard that adult coloring books are in, so gift a pretty one with some new colored pencils.

Lost Ocean Coloring Book, $10, Amazon

25. Avocado Halves Socks

Guac is still extra.

Avocado Halves Socks, $8, urbanoutfitters

26. Loteria Notecard Set

These cards inspired by Mexico's board game "Loteria" are almost too pretty to send. In that case, they can double as miniature artworks.

Loteria Notecard Set, $12,

27. Floating Wish Papers

The European tradition of wish papers is something your recipient may just start doing herself this New Year's Eve with the help of this sweet gift.

Floating Wish Papers, $8, catbirdnyc

28. Monogram Mug

When in doubt, an initial mug will rarely go wrong. Even if your person doesn't drink coffee or tea, this big mug also makes a great pencil holder.

Monogram Mug, $10, anthropologie

29. The Game of Mix-Up Art

Think of this book as the stress-relieving adult version of your favorite interactive children's books.

The Game of Mix-Up Art, $10, Amazon

30. Horn Comb

Guys and girls alike can both enjoy a fancy comb. It's a much-needed but oft-forgotten upgrade.

Horn Comb, $8, catbirdnyc

31. Mod Metal Planter

If you're gifting multiple small gifts, start off with this planter, and follow up with a cute cactus.

Mod Metal Planter, $10, urbanoutfitters

32. Front Door Key Fob

Nothing says "put-together adult" like a nice key fob. Help your Secret Santa achieve true elegance with this simple gift.

Front Door Key Fob, $20, madewell

For more holiday entertaining ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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