Jim & Leslie Are Engaged & Leslie Is Pregnant On 'Gotham,' Which Is Fantastic News

When thinking of the characters on Gotham, the words "happy" and "functional" probably don't immediately come to mind. Dr. Leslie Thompkins is probably the closest person to those words, and that's why she's been such an enjoyable character and a good foil for the super-serious Jim while she's been on the show. Now, these characters are even more tied together than before: in a strange twist, art is imitating life. Jim & Leslie are having a baby and getting married on Gotham, while the actors who play Jim & Leslie, Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin, are also expecting a child and may get married soon. I'd wager that for the remainder of the season, Baccarin will continue to appear as Dr. Thompkins and maybe even not bother hiding her real pregnancy, since it now works for the character.

It's a somewhat serious jump for the on-screen couple, since just an episode or two ago, they were arguing about whether or not Jim was even psychologically fit to do his job, let alone raise a child or commit to a marriage. But getting rid of Theo Galavan will certainly help with getting rid of Jim's omnipresent "dark side," which Lee points out in "A Bitter Pill To Swallow." To boot, the proposal scene was so sweet — hopefully, Leslie is using her better judgement when she says "yes."

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But if Jim's mental state and his devotion to the job turn out to be solid, there's still the matter of Barbara. She is kind of an unstated tension between the newly engaged couple. Another piece of bad news for potential Lee/Jim fans: Gordon has been unlucky in love in the comics. Jim's first wife, Barbara Gordon, either divorces him or dies in a car crash; he then marries Sarah Essen, who replaces him as police commissioner. Obviously, Gotham has changed a good deal of that backstory, with Barbara a villain, Leslie Thompkins as his love interest instead of Alfred's, and Sarah Essen already dead. But if Gotham is going to show Leslie & Jim's wedding, it seems like the perfect opportunity for Barbara to strike. Hopefully, it doesn't ruin the characters' special day, because I really want to see Harvey Bullock as best man.

Image: Nicole Rivelli/FOX