Zayn Malik Posts "BeFour" Video First Look

If you're as excited about Zayn Malik's upcoming solo music career as I am, whether because you're a fan of Zayn Malik, became a fan of Zayn Malik after his eye-opening Fader interview, or are just the sort of person who can't look away from a car crash no matter how much it hurts you, then you've probably been waiting for any kind of news on Malik's first single, "BeFour." Well, wait no more, friends. While the song still isn't out yet, Malik posted a "BeFour" music video photo on his Facebook page, along with the teaser line, "BeFour the lights go out." The image is almost-completely orange, and features Malik staring out at the audience over what looks like a campfire, except for how he also appears to be indoors. Perhaps a fireplace? Either way, the lights haven't gone out yet.

While this isn't the most illuminating image when it comes to telling us things like what the song is about or what the music video will be about, it still leaves a lot of clues as to what we can expect from what is sure to be one of the most highly-anticipated music videos of the year. While we got to hear just a little bit of "BeFour" in the Fader interview's promo video, but certainly not enough of the song to connect this image to any specific imagery from said song. Thus, we're going to have to speculate. Luckily, speculation is one of my favorite things to do besides Netflix and dancing to Beyoncé.

Considering this image is paired with the line "beFour the lights go out," I'm guessing that Malik's music video will feature a lot of different kinds of lights that will go out by the time the music video is over. The fireplace is just one; I'm talking flashlights, lamp lights, and, especially, spotlights. (I'm still one of those people who believe in the school of thought that take beFOUR as an indication of his final album with One Direction, FOUR, and the fact that there are four members left in the band now that he's gone off to be himself. Get it? Get it?) If the Fader video was more than just a preview of the interview, then there's a good chance we'll also get a lot of outdoor shots, as well as shots of Malik shirtless, and/or on a motorcycle — none of which I am complaining about at all.

But, above all, the fact that Malik's face is illuminated by the fire in this photo tells me that the entire symbolism in this video will be him shining a light on his own soul for the audience with his first real solo single after being in a boy band where his sound didn't get to be heard for five years. The intensity with which he's gazing into the flames seems to have something of an eager edge, as if he's been waiting to fuel the fire of his passion for so long and is excited to share it with all the people he's looking at in this photo. And, quite honestly, from this picture alone, I'm excited to hear it.