How Much Should You Spend On Tights?

With winter only a few weeks away, you might be starting to think about what you need to add to your wardrobe. While it makes total sense to splurge on down jackets and snow boots to keep yourself warm and protected from the elements, you might be wondering — just how much should I spend on tights? Not all tights are created equal, so the answer depends on the purpose of the tights (and maybe how cold it gets where you live!).

Tights are tricky, because they are one of those accessories that are sold both really cheap and expensive. You obviously want to save money, so you might be more inclined to go for the cheaper pairs, but then second-guess yourself and wonder if you should have spent a little more. But it's kind of hard to know what to do when you're looking at two pairs of basic black tights that look effectively the same, so let's break it down.

If you live in a cold climate, it's worth it to splurge and spend more on wool or cashmere tights, costing around $60. If you live somewhere that doesn't actually experience winter (hello, California!), you don't have to spend that much, but you probably want to spend around $10-$15. Buying a five dollar pair from the drugstore will work for a while, but they are more likely to rip easier.

Further, if you're just buying a pair of basic, monochromatic tights, you can keep the price tag lower, but you might want to spend a little more for fashion tights (patterns, textures, embellishments, etc). These can run around $20 and up.

Here are a few pairs of tights to shop at various price points.

1. Basic

BP; $10;

When buying opaque tights, upgrade from the drugstore, but don't spend designer prices.

2. Wool

SmartWool; $35.21;

Wool isn't as heavy as cashmere, so if you're wearing them underneath pants, it's a good fabric to choose.

3. Cashmere

Cashmere Tights; $58;

If you live somewhere cold and plan to wear a skirt and tights, it's worth it to spend more for cashmere.

4. Knit

Cable Knit Tights; $14.50;

Knit tights will keep you warm in the cold, but won't cost as much as cashmere.

5. Patterned

FALKE; $49;

For a unique, patterned pair, you might be willing to spend a bit more.

6. Embellished

Plus Size Rhinestone Back Tights; $18.95;

Want rhinestones on your tights? That might cost a little more.

7. Textured

Plus Size Lace Tights; $18.95;

These are anything but basic, so it ups the price a little.

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Images: Lane Bryant; ASOS; HUE; Nordstrom