'Ravenswood': Don't Trust The Ghosts

Well, it seems that Caleb is in Ravenswood for good — sorry, Haleb fans. Caleb's father has inherited his dead relative's Ravenswood house and is determined to fix it up. We guess Caleb is going to have to get enrolled in school here, despite the death curse looming over him that will undoubtedly become a major distraction.

Over at Luke and Olivia's place, the police have dug up the three-sided knife used to kill their father. They search their house for what feels like the millionth time and call their mother in for questioning. It's not just the cops hanging around — Mr. Collins also seems to be constantly in the twins' sphere. The question is, for what purpose? There are only so many orchids you can give people before it starts getting weird.

Meanwhile, Remy is apparently having her own private art show. When she wakes up from a dream, she finds that she has drawn hundreds of photos of the images she saw of the pact. One of those images? A three-sided knife... the knife used to seal the pact in 1917.

Unfortunately for Luke, a tussle between the police lands him in the slammer. Next to Luke is the creepiest of neighbors: a drunk who announces that Luke will wish he was dead before "this" is over. So, that's bad news. Oh, and to make matters worse, once he gets out of jail he is greeted by his sleepwalking/haunted girlfriend attempting to stab him in the eye. (It's been a hard day for Luke.) As for Remy, she's heading for a sleep clinic — let's make sure no one's eyes get gauged out over there.

Ms. Grunwald — ever a mystery — has a secret connection to the curse. Apparently Grunwald's sister — the yellow mist who attacked Miranda — was also a victim of the pact. Miranda makes contact with Ms. Grunwald's sister, Bee, who is actually her mother who had her as a teen. Bee doesn't want to move on — she likes being able to watch over her daughter, even though her daughter is working her way through her 70s. Bee tells Miranda to leave them alone and produces the jar of hair that is keeping her locked in the mansion. Will Miranda break it and set herself free?

Remember Olivia's dear best friend, the social-climbing Tess? Well, she's broken up with her Olivia-hating boyfriend, Springer. Why? Well, it seems that Springer miiiiight be involved with Super Evil Dillon and the curse. He tells Tess that being nice to Olivia isn't going to save Tess. She tells him that she can't believe she ever thought he was "a B+."

But Springer wants to talk to Olivia — and he clearly knows more about the curse than she thought. He tells Olivia that if her dad only did right by his dad, none of the trouble would happen. Springer also hints that there is something about Dillon that Olivia doesn't know — specifically, that he is awful. When she runs away, Springer chases her — only to be run down by Tess, who swears she "didn't see him." Sure, Tess.

Next week, we'll see Remy fighting off ghosts in her sleep — this girl has to put in all of the legwork for this crew. Miranda and Caleb will continue to make moony eyes at one another. Til next week!

Image: ABC Family