Where Is Andie From 'Dawson's Creek' Now? Meredith Monroe Has Been Acting Ever Since — PHOTOS

A few summers ago, after a road trip through the south that did not actually bring me to Wilmington, N.C. but totally should've, I watched the entire series of Dawson's Creek on Netflix and fell in love with Capeside and its impossibly self-aware and angsty set of characters. And while Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) stole my heart along with Joey Potter's (Katie Holmes), for the first few seasons he was invested in another one of Capeside's ladies: Andie McPhee, played by Meredith Monroe. Monroe portrayed Andie as likably sweet and spunky, though with a number of demons she would face throughout the first four seasons on the show. After Andie went to study abroad in Europe in the middle of Season 4 (making one last appearance in the series' finale), Monroe has been kind of under the radar ever since. Where is Meredith Monroe now?

For one, she's been acting steadily since leaving the Creek, boasting a wealth of credits to her name (and IMDb page). Monroe is also active on social media, preferring Instagram over Twitter (don't we all?) and sharing photos of her adorably 'grammable life for everyone to see. Check out what Meredith Monroe is up to below!

1. She Looks Exactly The Same — If Not More Beautiful Than Ever

Hypothesis: Meredith Monroe might not actually age.

2. Her Biggest Post-Creek Role Has Been On Criminal Minds

Monroe played Haley Hotchner on the show from 2005-2013.

3. You Also May Remember Her From Hart Of Dixie

I think we all feel that pain, random Twitter user.

4. ...Or Any Of The Other Dozens Of Acting Credits She's Racked Up Since 2003

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Monroe's IMDb page is stuffed to the gills, including the ever-important Lifetime classic The Husband She Met Online. Monroe has also done it up on a number of different CSIs, including New York, Miami, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

5. She's Married With Children

Monroe may not go overboard with pictures of her family on Instagram (I can understand wanting privacy!), but there are a couple of super sweet ones that are too cute not to share.

6. And Two Adorable Pups


7. Plus, She Has Some Kickass Taste In '90s Hip-Hop

That she is passing on to her kids. YES.

8. And She Isn't Afraid To Throw It Back To Her Dawson's Fame Days

Wayyyyyy back.

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