Kaley Cuoco's 30th B-Day Celebration Is Amazing

If you're in need of some birthday party ideas, here's one from a Big Bang Theory actress. Kaley Cuoco celebrated her 30th birthday in an amazing way. Starting last Friday, the TV star has been sharing photos via Instagram from her celebration and they will definitely make you jealous. It's pretty clear the now 30-year-old has no problem turning a year older, especially since she is all smiles in each photo. Just how did she celebrate the big 3-0? Oh, you know, by hanging with 12 of her closest friends, including her sister Briana Cuoco, Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky, and 8 Simple Rules co-star Amy Davidson — and some wild animals. She just might have Taylor Swift beat when it comes to squad goals.

Anyways, she and her friends have been hanging out at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico, which is dedicated to rescuing big felines and educating others about the importance of treating all living things with love, kindness, and respect. That is right up Cuoco's alley, especially since she is a huge animal activist. The entire trip was a surprise to Cuoco as she wrote on Instagram, "2 planes, 12 best friends, one 30th bday, destination unknown = priceless."

Actually, it wasn't just a birthday trip for the actress, but she was also celebrating alongside her sister, who turned 27 on Nov. 29. There's a three-year difference between the Cuoco sisters, but they were born only one day apart. They are so close that they even created the following hashtag as part of their adventure: "#cuocosistersbirthdayextravaganza." How cute is that?

Clearly, this is how all birthdays should be celebrated. Yes, I'm taking notes for my 30th, which is in the very near future.