Who Is Hawkman On 'The Flash'? Carter Hall Could Cause Problems Between Kendra & Cisco

Thanksgiving may already seem like a distant, carb-loaded memory at this point, but The CW has still left us with plenty to be thankful for this year by gifting us with an extra holiday treat. I'm, of course, referring to this week's exciting Arrow and The Flash crossover episode, which will not only find our favorite vigilantes teaming up once more, but will also introduce the intriguing backstory of the DC Comics character Hawkman, who will play a vital role in helping the gang take down the latest Big Bad, Vandal Savage. So who exactly is Hawkman and how does he fit into The Flash dynamic? Let's just say that he's undoubtedly going to cause problems with the adorable romance developing between Kendra and Cisco.

In the comic books, Hawkman is described as a winged vigilante who wears a harness made out of Nth metal in order to fly. He also goes by the alternate identity of Carter Hall, an archaeologist and museum curator, who is a reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu. So what does this have to do with The Flash, you may ask? Well, evidently, Kendra Saunders is also a reincarnation and has been Hawkman's soulmate for over 4,000 years. They are drawn to each other throughout each lifetime that they lead and after they die, they become reincarnated and start the process all over again, which (as you can imagine) doesn't exactly bode well for Cisco's chances.

However, this group's problems stem much further than the complications of a tragic love triangle. Vandal Savage is trying to kill both Hawkman and Kendra. Apparently, this guy has made it his mission to hunt them down throughout every lifetime and kill them. So far, he's done succeeded in doing so 206 times, which seems pretty excessive if you ask me. But there is a method to his madness. You see, the reason he kills them is because his life force is somehow tethered to theirs. So every time they die by his hand, he becomes even more powerful. I mean, talk about an evil incentive!

So when Savage attacks Kendra and Cisco, Hawkman understandably wants to take her away from harm's reach. The only problem is she knows absolutely nothing about their history together, which makes the idea of running away with him a rather big pill to swallow. Not to mention that she's kinda into Cisco at the moment, which could put a damper on their little Hawk reunion. (Let's hope this guy doesn't get jealous easily.) Either way, though, his intentions are honorable. He doesn't want to see the love of his life (or rather, of many lifetimes) get killed once again by their nemesis. Which is why — after a little discussion — they end up teaming up with the rest of the vigilante gang. (In some awesome looking costumes, might I add!)

I just hope that Cisco's heart doesn't end up getting crushed in the process if these two decide to spread their wings and fly off together. Our boy has already been through enough heartache.

Images: Katie Yu/ The CW (2); Diyah Pera/The CW