The Sexting Emoji Keyboard You Need In Your Life

For all you avid sexters getting tired of sending the eggplant emoji and a question mark, have no fear! LifeStyles Condoms has just come out with a sexting emoji app for all your dirty talk needs. Available for iOS and Android, the app features a keyboard add-on filled with amusingly suggestive emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Broken down into four categories – people, places, things and phrases – you can find just about everything for your next game of sexting. Whether you feel like doing it in the tub, want to try out a ribbed condom or simply want to tell bae in a tongue-and-cheek way it's time to knock boots, LifeStyles has got you covered.

According to the 2015 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, 57 percent of us have admitted to sexting, while seven percent sext regularly and 11 percent sext a few times a week. And to make that process easier, LifeStyles has decided to mainstream it all with some straight-forward symbolization. I mean, who uses words these days anyway?

My personal fave? The suggestive pool boy emoji. Not sure what that one will conjure up when I send it to bae, but one can dare to imagine.

But on top of you having fun sending a twerking butt (that actually moves) to your partner, LifeStyles is hoping to promote awareness of safe sex, along with a healthy sexual appetite. Sex for philanthropy? Now that's something I can get on board with.

And in case you were wondering, yes I did decide to use the app. My man was briefed on what was happening before I started sending him random, sexually suggestive emojis but he was definitely game. But me being who I am, I stopped taking things seriously after a bit. It's really hard not to giggle when using some of these stickers. I mean really hard.

So in case you wanted to know what I was working with, here's what some of the keyboard looked like.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that is a beaver.

So many different types of condoms to choose from on this keyboard! But then again, totally makes sense LifeStyles.

Van or car sex? They give you the option of both. Also, you can tell your partner you are currently having happy "you time" while on top of a washing machine. Creativity at it's finest, people.

Now that you can see my materials, here's how I decided to go about this.

(Yes, I threw the beaver in there. Couldn't help myself)

And then things kind of came apart as I started to have way too much fun with this app.

Needless to stay, stuff ended once I sent the twerking butt as we both couldn't refrain from laughing anymore. My final judgment? A lot of fun, and totally worth it to try, even if it doesn't quite get you off. Why not, right?

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Images: LifeStyles Keyboard