Channing Tatum Is Blonde, But It's Not The First Time He's Bleached His Hair — PHOTOS

Sadly, there's no third Magic Mike film in the works yet, but Channing Tatum has blonde hair now and that should be exciting news for his fans. Perhaps he's trying to reclaim the title from People 's Sexiest Man Alive and blond hunk David Beckham, but I gotta say, I'm not mad about Tatum's hair makeover. The 35-year-old actor debuted his blonde locks while posting a vacation selfie on Instagram yesterday.

"Down in Peru loving life," Tatum said. "Just sending love out there to everybody." His Instagram post prior to that was from a week ago, where he suspiciously wore a beanie to cover his hair. Did the famously dark-haired Tatum already have blonde hair then without announcing it? Tatum has yet to acknowledge — not that he needs to — if he dyed it for a movie role or not, although this new hair color suits his super chill vacation surroundings quite nicely.

The good thing about his new hairstyle is that Tatum at least kept it short on the sides and just a little long on top. It's a far cry from his controversial side part hairdo from earlier this year. Of course, it's yet to be determined whether the actor will keep his new blonde hair or if he'll go back to his dark roots soon.

This certainly isn't the first time that Tatum has gone blonde for a film role, either. He was photographed with long blonde hair while filming the Coen Brothers' Hail Caesar! last December.

Earlier this year, Tatum co-starred with Mila Kunis in the sci-fi flick Jupiter Ascending as a half-human, half-canine soldier. The role called for blonde facial hair, too.

In 2014, he portrayed Olympic wrestling gold medalist Mark Schultz in the Oscar-nominated drama Foxcatcher.

Let's be honest — whatever shade of blonde (or color, really) Tatum decides to dye his hair, we're all on board, right?