What's Happening To Kara On 'Supergirl'? She May Be Experiencing Her First Human Wounds

Only a Kryptonian would be worried about cutting their hand on glass, but it's a major problem for someone like Kara Zor-El who isn't used to this type of vulnerability. Why is Kara bleeding on Supergirl? She normally heals instantly, so something fishy is going on. Has someone injected the air with Kryptonian? Does she have a Vitamin D deficiency? Is this a test, like Buffy Summers on her eighteenth birthday?

Next Monday's episode of Supergirl is titled "Human For A Day" and according to the official CBS description, "Kara and her friends must rely on their inner strength and courage when an earthquake strikes National City." So, it looks like Kara has lost her powers entirely, and sitting on the beach to soak up Earth's yellow sun isn't going to help. The show was just picked up for a full season at CBS so this could become a recurring problem for Kara.

How did this happen? The promo for next week would suggest that she blew out her powers while fighting the Red Tornado during Monday's episode "Red Faced," which was all about anger. After many smaller outbursts, Kara channeled all of her anger to take down the robot, like some kind of tiny Sith Lord. Unfortunately, though unsurprisingly, that had some consequences. Funny, Kara was just talking about how she wanted a normal human life. I guess she got what she wished for. James said to "enjoy her time off," but I have a feeling that that is not going to be easy.

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So, Kara got angry, and that took away her power. Isn't that exactly what Cat Grant was warning her against in the workplace? What a great metaphor. I also like that this show has both procedural elements and connecting threads that go beyond a mythological mystery or a love triangle. Luckily, I think Kara has enough support to manage a day or two without her superpowers — meaning that it might be hard for her, but her team can help handle problems. The question is, will National City be able to survive without Supergirl?

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS