Kylie Jenner Does Dominatrix Chic For 'Interview'

Guess who is about to break the Internet for the second day in a row? Kylie Jenner covers Interviewmultiple times! On one cover, she is wrapped in black latex, rocking that dominatrix chic, continuing the aesthetic of her leather and chains ensemble, which she wore to the 2015 AMAs. Jenner dons a copper bustier on the second cover. On the third, she is seated in a wheelchair.

These daring and super sexy images should cause Jenner to slay the worldwide web for the second consecutive day. Her Kylie Lip Kits landed yesterday and sold out in, like, a nanosecond, leaving a lot of her fans and followers bare-lipped and bummed.

Will Jenner's Interview cover, which is easily her raciest yet, surpass her big sis Kim Kardashian's Internet-decimating Paper cover? Well, we're just off to the races with Jenner's cover, so we'll have to wait until the end of the day (and beyond) to see which sister emerges the victor in the Internet-breaking wars.

Meanwhile, here's the Interview cover intel. The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, who looks like the spitting image of her mother Kris Jenner with her thick, pushed back, and shoulder-grazing black bob, covers the mag's December/January double issue.

She's a vintage pinup girl, thanks to her hair, which takes inspo from the '60s and Bettie Page. Ultimately, Jenner oozes sex appeal in the Steve Klein-lensed images.

The boots, the gloves, and the latex undies are so part of the dominatrix wardrobe. Jenner just turned 18 but this is still pretty raunchy. Jenner has the confidence to hover over the fine line that exists between sexiness and going too far. She comes really, really close to crossing more than a few lines. Mostly these photos succeed, likely due to the fact that she was in the excellent hands with Klein, a veteran fashion photog. ICYMI, Klein just teamed up with NARS for a limited edition product range.

Who's loving her helmet bob and her copper bustier, which looks painted on?! I also dig her cowgirl pose here. Notice her lips are glossier than we're used to seeing. Jenner is a fan of a matte, suede-like finish when it comes to her lips. But she's megawatt and shiny for these covers.

The reality starlet also rocked a latex version of her beloved crop top and leggings combo! This is obviously way sexier and slinkier than her street style version, thanks to the liquid-like fabric and the fact that she is showing some side-bum. Her copper-colored bob matches her "other" top on the "other" cover.

Jenner is just taking a seat here. She did bare her backside in several other photos in the shoot, proving she is totally fine with daring and baring.

Nothing like getting a lift from a well-dressed, nerdy-hot dude!

Jenner certainly nailed the dominatrix pinup girl thing with her latest cover. Now lets see it it slays the Internet. The wheelchair image will surely spark plenty of heated debate.

Images: Interview (6)