Doe Deere's Tips On Breaking Fashion Rules

While magazines love to print September issue bibles every year listing new fashion rules to abide to, I'm a firm believer that it's no sin to break fashion and beauty rules. I think they're good suggestions and can help us out when we're uncertain or starting out, but they're far from binding. After all, just because you go against what Ms. Wintour says doesn't mean you're now a fashion recluse. And apparently, Doe Deere, appointed unicorn queen and CEO or Lime Crime makeup line, thinks the same.

Boasting hair in macron shades and holding a deft talent when it comes to playing with unique palettes and shades, it's no surprise Doe Deere has favorite fashion rules to break. Her makeup line would prove that right off the bat: tagged as "makeup for unicorns," it specializes in colorful, whimsical, and cruelty-free cosmetics, putting out teal lipsticks and mermaid-like pouts with glittery cosmetics. She proves that you can be as equally stylish veering off the beaten path as abiding to it, and she has some sound advice for women who are tired of staying inside the lines when it comes to their styling. Deere shared some of her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break with me, and I'd highly recommend everyone try at least one.

1. Don't Wear A Bold Eye With A Bold Lip

Most of us have heard the hot tip of doing only one bold thing at a time on your face: If you're doing a heavy, smoky eye, the thing to do is to pair it with nude lips. Or if you're going with a look-at-me-red on the lips, a simple eye would probably work best. But where's the fun in that? Sometimes a girl wants to play.

Deere tells me, "I like to break this rule on the daily! To me, nothing looks better than Blue Milk eyeliner with a Red Velvet lip! I also love pairing the rusty-reds of the Venus eyeshadow palette with Cry Baby, a vibrant blue lipstick." Hearing from a makeup guru to just mix and match colors that make your heart happy? That's excitingly refreshing.

2. Don't Mix Too Many Colors

Color can sometimes be a dicey thing — how much, exactly, is too much? You have jazzy color combinations that make you want to jump into head-first, but then the fear of looking too garish gets in the way and you might opt to go for something softer. But a big, unapologetic splash of color is a beautiful thing! Trust those instincts.

Deere let's us into her secret into her unicorn-like pairings, "My trick for pulling off multiple shades in the same ensemble is color coordination. This goes for hair and makeup as well, not just clothes. My favorite combos are pink and green, peach and periwinkle, hot pink and lavender." On paper those colors might feel busy, but when you dabble with them they're just lovely.

Just think of Prada's new line this season, pairing mints with bright yellows; cotton candy pinks with chartreuse. It's OK to run wild with hues!

3. Don't Mix Too Many Patterns

If you think color is intimidating, just wait till you get to the chapter on patterns. Some women are born with a killer eye and know how to mix 14 patterns together into one flawless outfit, while the rest of us are standing in our underwear in front of our closets, with large question marks over our heads. You've read over and over that too many patterns can lead you to look like Edie from Grey Gardens, and that's not exactly a look we all strive for.

Deere has a different opinion on this fashion rule. She says, "Patterns are fun! And the more, the merrier. I am a big fan of print-on-print looks. While there's no 'wrong way' to pair patterns, I prefer to keep them within the same color scheme or complimenting each other. I have this pink egg-print skirt that I wear with a pink houndstooth crop top, the combo makes me so happy!" There you have it: If you're not sure how to mix and match patterns, alleviate some of the confusion my keeping them in the same color family. The monochrome-like colors will help ease you in.

4. Don't Wear Socks With Open-Toed Shoes Or Heels

It might feel like it goes hand in hand with the grandma chic trend, but pairing socks with heels is wonderfully stylish. Deere explains, "I'm a sock and tights addict. I own over 100 pairs of socks, and no outfit feels complete to me without a statement pair. Socks are a garment we get to have the most fun with — so why hide them away behind covered shoes? Think of your socks and shoes as partners and pick those that you feel work best together! I especially love socks with a contrast toe — it's fun to look down and see that extra bit of color."

So don't pack away those summer heels yet — you've just discovered a whole new way to work them into winter.

5. You Can Only Wear Black Or Neutrals If You Have Unnaturally Colored Hair

Fashion rules have this incessant need to keep everything neutral and tidy. It seems that these style laws don't like the idea of "too much": too much color, too much personality, too much fun. So it makes sense that Deere would be first to press that just because you have wild hair, doesn't mean you have to stop there.

"Although black, white, and gray create a nice setting for 'unnatural' hair, I love color too much to give it up. To keep things from looking messy, pay special attention to the intensity of color. Pastel hair looks wonderful with light, airy colors such as pale blues, pinks, yellows, and pale denim. For deeper colored hair, such as teal or violet, try more saturated hues, such as Marigold yellow or red in your clothing." As long as you pay attention to how your colors interact off each other, having rainbow hair shouldn't stop you from going splashy with your hues.

6. You Have To Dress Your Age

I can't explain to you how annoyed I get when my babe of a mom tells me she can't pull off a certain dress because it hovers above her knees, or won't try on a sweater because it has too "youthful" shades. What does that even mean? If you like it, it's appropriate. Deere agrees with that sentiment, saying, "My fashion icon is Betsey Johnson, who is still rocking bold colors and tutus well into her 70s. True style knows no age! Just because you turned 30 doesn't mean you need to ditch your fun stuff and replace it with a more conservative wardrobe (unless, of course, it's your thing). Your age shouldn't dictate the color or pattern of the garments you can wear. Do YOU, at any age!"

So go ahead: Whether you're 22 and want to wear grandma penny-loafers and house coats, or if you're 45 and rock a sparkly mini, if you love it you have to wear it.

7. You Have To Stick With Occasion Specific Dressing

Just because you have an evening gown in your closet, it doesn't mean it has to be put away into storage until you have a fancy dinner to wear it to. Heck, it can work just perfect for a day of grocery shopping if you put a sweater over it. Deere explains, "I believe that clothes are made to be enjoyed, so I rarely save outfits for a 'special day.' If there's a fancy sequined sweater I'm just dying to wear, I'll wear it on a regular day. Everyone should wear whatever makes us feel like our best, most expressive selves, regardless of the occasion!"

The lesson? Wear whatever it is makes you happy, because that's what fashion is about. Pleasure, creativity, and living out loud.

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Images: Courtesy Doe Deere