What Happens When Strangers Kiss Blindfolded

In today's "OMG did they really do that?" viral video content, strangers kiss blindfolded, and it actually turns out to be sort of sweet ... in that way that most potentially uncomfortable or scary situations bring people closer together.

Between the ages of about 15 to 18, I went through a kissing stage. I'd go to a concert, kiss the cute guy sweating and jumping up and down beside me. I'd go to a bar, kiss whoever was closest to me when my buzz kicked in. I'd go to a party and kiss who was there from another school. There was something electric about kissing a stranger. There was something freeing in pressing my lips to someone who I'd never see again. Fear of judgement, insecurity, and rejection were gone.

But my kissing stage didn't involve a blindfold and a stranger who was literally faceless until after the kiss. So in this video where two willing participants put on a blindfold before ever seeing each other press their lips together, kissing becomes a strange combination of completely impersonal and wildly personal. Which leads me to wonder — can you learn more about a person with your eyes closed? Are you able to get a better sense of a person when your eyes are blocked from judging them? Enjoy some highlights from the bold video and decide for yourself:

The Kiss

Having no idea what the other person looks like, the brave volunteers awkwardly leaned in and attempted to find each other's lips while the cameras rolled.

Her Reaction

Something about the way he presented himself to her gave her the impression that he was caring. For a two second kiss, that's pretty impressive, huh?

His Reaction

And he felt the same way! In those blind two seconds, she was able to leave a kind, warm impression with him.


They were both very moved by each other's compliments. This was certainly a weirdly amazing twist to their days.

Final Thoughts

Despite the awkwardness and scariness, all participants recommend the experiment! She HIGHLY recommends it.

Watch all of the sweet awkwardness here:

Images: YouTube (5)