Watch Hot Strangers Make Out

Is there anything more thrilling than a first kiss? Whether it’s uncomfortable or perfect, there’s something about the moments leading up to a lip lock that are just electrifying — even if it’s with someone you just met.

That’s what filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has captured in her short film “First Kiss.” Pilieva, teaming up with Wren Studio, asked 20 strangers to kiss each other — and the results are kind of awkward, yet weirdly romantic at the same time. It’s kind of like watching a first date take place within the space of a few minutes: There’s the awkward introduction…the nervous laughter…that time one person forgets the other’s name…the first tentative touch of contact…and then some kind of connection that seems to deepen as each kiss does.

Wren, a clothing label, has put out short films before (like this one starring Tavi Gevinson), but they’ve all mostly been “fashion films” — that is, commercials. Artsy, lengthy commercials, but commercials nonetheless. “First Kiss,” on the other hand, looks to be more a social experiment than anything else. Wren styled it, but the emphasis is definitely not on what its subjects are wearing. Refreshing.

Though the one thing I would have liked to see more of is a little ethnic diversity. The strangers featured in this film run the gamut from young to old, gay to straight, men to women… but they’re all white and super attractive. Why? No idea. If we’re being all-inclusive here, let’s not limit ourselves to just this one demographic. There’s a whole big beautiful world out there, just waiting to be kissed!

Image: Tatia Pilieva/YouTube