Where To Buy Princess Charlotte's Pink Sweater To Gift This Holiday Season — PHOTOS

Ever since her very first public appearance this little lady has been killing the style game. Shop Princess Charlotte's pink sweater from her latest photos this holiday season because it really is just the cutest. She was pretty in pink for the photographs wearing a pink sweater and dainty patterned dress with matching pink socks. She couldn’t have looked more like a perfect little princess, especially since she is basically a mini-Queen Elizabeth. Come on, the resemblance is hard to deny.

The holiday season is upon us, and if there are any babies in your life who you need to buy a gift for, the princess has your purchase sorted. An adorable sweater is just the kind of thing that will not only be super cute, but also greatly appreciated during these colder months. From hand-knitted items on Etsy to completely chic Ralph Lauren pieces, there are plenty of pale pink options for all of the little ones in your life. And if it’s good enough for Princess Charlotte — it’s good enough for them, you know? Heck — I’m even looking into getting one in my size.

Shop the most precious sweaters around so all of the little babies can cop Charlotte’s style this holiday season. Just think of how adorable it will be!

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Told you she was a mini-Queen Elizabeth.

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's so pretty in pink.

1. Vintage Sweater

Vintage Pink Baby Girl Sweater, $8.99, Etsy

I think the princess would approve of a vintage number.

2. Cute Cardigan

Aran-Knit Cotton Cardigan, $56.25, Ralph Lauren

How chic would a little baby girl (or pink-loving boy) be in this?

3. Chunky Knit

Carter's Baby Girl Knit, $13.99, Kohl's

This seem like it'd be so warm. How could you resist buying this?

4. Pink Set

Pink Knit Set, $127.42, Iruela

Princess Charlotte has worn Iruela before, so I'm sure she'd love this frilly top and pink knit set. She's got great taste, you know?

5. Hooded Sweater

Pink Mock Cable Baby Girl Hooded Sweater, $35, Etsy

A hood adds extra cuteness and warmth.

6. Ruffled Cardigan

Ruffled Cardigan, $9.99, Kohl's

This is perfectly dainty, and I just love it.

7. Pink Peplum

Cable Knit Peplum Cardigan, $27.99, Gap Kids

Seriously? This is just too much.

Go on and wrap these up! Have those little kid gifts sorted with these perfectly pink numbers.

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