'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Wrote New 'Star Wars' Cantina Song & The #Force4Ham Hashtag Is Strong

If you grew up a Star Wars fanatic, there's no doubt that you've had the monotonous pipe music from the Mos Eisley's Cantina drilled into your brain. In fact, the so-called "Cantina song" is as recognizable as the majestic episode prelude scroll, or the domineering "Imperial March." So wrap your head around this: J.J. Abrams got Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to compose new music for Star Wars: The Force Awakensa new Cantina song, so to speak. And the intersection of Star Wars and Hamilton fans are freaking out all over Twitter.

But, wait, let's backpedal a bit. Historically speaking, John Williams has been responsible for composing the score for Star Wars, but with this trilogy's version of the Cantina scene, he respectfully wanted to back out. According to Abrams, he had met Miranda beforehand who joked, "If you need music for the cantina, I'll write it." Abrams called up up Miranda to propose the idea, and the rest is history.

Anyway, even though it'll be a bit before we'll get to rest our ears on this track, die-hard Hamilton fanatics are already imagining what it'll sound like in the #Force4Ham hashtag. To get a sneak peak (ha), check out these fantastic Hamilton-Star Wars mash-ups, fresh from the Internet.

1. On Luke's Lineage

Don't judge him because his father is an intergalactic dictator, judge him by how he handles that (which is poorly).

2. On Han's Triumphant Return

The most exciting part of this, and any trailer.

3. On The Fact That These Two Are Probably Under-Equipped For This Barrage

I just get the sneaking suspicion that they're not able to handle that whole situation.

4. On Scoundrels And All Their Charms

This is basically flirting.

5. Because Jar Jar Is So Obviously A Sith Lord In Disguise

That, or just the antagonist against the whole damn franchise.

6. Because George Lucas Has Been Running This Ship Into The Ground Way Too Long

But we have a new director now so it can't be that egregious... right?

7. Because Boba Fett Was Lost To Us Too Soon

R.I.P., you bounty-claiming angel.

8. Because Princess Leia Is A Princess No More

And don't you forget it.

9. Because... I'm Not Sure Of The Context, But I Feel Like This One Should've Been Given To Han

Han shot first, after all.

10. Because Really, You Can Never Have Enough Jar Jar Disdain

Seriously, just looking at this one makes me cringe.

11. Or We're Not Over The Prequels In General

Shhhh, let's just put those away real quick.

12. Oh, All This And Because We Finally Get A Female Protagonist At The Core Of This Series

It's about damn time.

13. Because This Is All Just About Father-Son Conflicts

Or at least generalized familial dramas.

14. Or Is It About Losing Your Hands?

Maybe the great family tradition of losing your hand?

15. Either Way, You Don't Want To Miss It

So try to step away from the carbonite.

15. Because It Just Seems That The Possibilities Are Endless

And it's no doubt people are psyched to see what Miranda will churn out. Hoping to hear a new, freshly iconic song with the release of Force Awakens December 18. But you know, no pressure.