7 Rude Remarks Dark Brows & Blonde Hair Girls Hear

I arrived at university with white hair and dark eyebrows, went through almost every hair color and style I could think of during those three years, and eventually returned to rocking the blonde hair and black brows look after graduation. It's sort of been a "returning to my roots" moment, except my roots are notably pretty dark in contrast to my bleached blonde hair. While this look might cause a ton of commentary in my day to day life, I feel like it's going to be a signature of mine that I rock for a long, long time. It's kind of a shocking transition, considering I'm the person who couldn't keep her hair the same Manic Panic color for a fortnight. But it's one that feels right.

For me, dark brows and light hair is a timeless look. From Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, it's definitely proved itself to be a fashion statement worth making. But, just like with everything ever, everyone's got their own opinion on the look. And if they don't like it, they'll be sure to let you know. After all, we have to judge the style of others just as frequently and with as much fervor as we judge our own, right? Wrong.

Having confidence in just how hot we look doesn't always make these little comments any less annoying. Here are seven things folks with darks brows and light hair are tired of hearing, but that have undoubtedly helped sharpen our wit when it comes to responding, because blondes are nowhere near as dumb as our reputation.

1. "It just doesn't look natural!"

There's nothing natural about me, honey. I think if someone's purposefully chosen the dark brows/blonde hair combo then they're not trying to look natural. In my case, I'm definitely hoping to do the opposite!

2. "Men don't like it..."

If I ever do anything because I think men will like it, please drop a piano on my head. Seriously, what's with this assumption that women should always care about what men find aesthetically pleasing? We don't have to play into that narrative.

3. "Well, I don't like it."

This is why personal style is called personal style. Because it's personal to our own preferences. Just because someone else doesn't like what I'm doing, it doesn't mean I'm going to let their opinion affect me.

4. "So is your hair naturally black?"

This one might be more personal to me, but when anyone assumes that my thick, drawn-on black brows must mean that my natural hair color must also be black, I tend to assume they're pretty stupid.

5. "But have you tried lighter brows?"

I sure have! I just don't like the look, and I think dark brows look better. That's why I've got them, duh.

6. "You're not Madonna."

Oh god, I wish you'd told me that before I released my smash single "Bitch I'm Madonna." Now I'm going to have to call up Nicki Minaj and tell her to give the song to the real Madonna. My mistake.

7. "It makes your roots more obvious."

This one only applies if you're a bottle blonde, which TBH, many of us are. Personally, I think dark roots and blonde hair make for a stunning look, of which I could write a whole different article praising.

When people say blondes have more fun, I think it's because many of us are too busy enjoying ourselves rather than worrying about other people's eyebrow colors. Of course, style is subjective and you're entitled to your opinion. Just don't inflict it on me.

Images: Georgina Jones