5 Things We Can Learn From Zayn Malik's Hair

The boys of One Direction are certainly lust-worthy, but when Zayn Malik left the group, it was clear that his life was taking another direction. Ever since the dark-haired and dark-eyed stud departed from the band, there have been many new developments and, well, Zayn Malik's hair has taught me some life lessons along the way. Yes, that is a sweeping statement. But let's be real: Everyone has had times in their lives when the only thing that can either solve or improve a situation is a big change. And what better way to change than via a strong wardrobe or beauty transformation?

While internal changes are great, and almost always necessary, external changes are basically inevitable. Because while you may have changed on the inside, the only way people will usually become aware of that is if you change something on the outside. And that's exactly what Zayn Malik has done with his (beautiful, swoon-able) hair.

Since leaving 1D (which admittedly has been my favorite band for the last four years), Malik has bleached his hair, dyed it green, and buzzed it down. Who even knows what's next? But the changes he has made to his appearance are also obviously a reflection of the changes he's experiencing in his life as well. When Malik announced his departure, we all wondered how he would do without the rest of his boy band team. But it's now clear that he's doing quite well for himself. And there's a lot to be learned from that strength and courage to be independent.

So, from hair philosophies to eyebrow problems, here are five things we can learn from Zayn Malik's ever-changing locks. Because who better to get hair advice from than a former boy band member gone indie and OTT? Sighs.

1. Your Eyebrows Don't Have To Match Your Hair

Have you ever looked at yourself and wondered why your eyebrows are a different color than you hair? Because I certainly have. Over and over again, I have questioned the black hairs on my eyebrows, taking notes on how my dark, brown hair contrasts with the color. Wondering whether the variation in hue was normal or abnormal. Thanks to Malik, I don't have to worry about that anymore.

While my hair and brows aren't as noticeable a contrast as Malik's black brows and bleached blonde hair combo, his look certainly proves that the difference isn't a beauty no-no at all. In fact, it might just even become a new beauty trend. While we're all a little obsessive about our brows, especially since the whole eyebrow on fleek trend started happening, it's nice to know that a little color difference between the hair on our heads and that on our eyebrows isn't a faux-pas at all. So, thanks for that, Zayn.

2. It's OK To Want To Change Your Hair After A Big Life Event

Like I mentioned before, it's natural to go through a big life event and want to make a dramatic change to yourself. Whether that change is internal or external is all your own decision, but it's clear that Malik went the external route. Because his bleached blonde hair couldn't be a bigger change from his dark, black locks.

Not unlike how Carrie Bradshaw went brown in the Sex And the City movie, Malik opted for blonde, and it's definitely a stark contrast from his classic look from 1D days. He proves that it's totally OK to do go for a dramatic switch, because life-changing events are never easy, but findings ways to improve yourself can definitely help with coping.

3. And Thus, Change Your Style

While we all know and love the Malik who wore distressed denim, grey beanies, and button-down flannels with tanks underneath, he didn't necessarily have the most tailored, smart style out there, even amongst 1D (Niall, here's to you). But things have changed. And oh man, how they have changed.

With his new bleached hair, Malik's been reaching for more and more designer items (because, you know, a change in hair can always spark a change in wardrobe). The biggest surprise came when he attend the latest men's Louis Vuitton presentation in Paris and sat front row wedged between Joe Jonas and Kanye West. If that bomber jacket doesn't make you want to ravish him all day long, I don't know what will.

Through Malik's hair and style metamorphoses, we're reminded that just because you make one drastic change to your appearance, doesn't mean you can't make another one back to back.

4. Life Is Short, So Dye Your Hair Green

The rainbow hair trend is still going strong, and even Malik hopped onto the bandwagon. A few weeks after his split from 1D, he dyed his hair bright green. Reminiscent of a drunk leprechaun on St. Patrick's day, the green wasn't necessarily the most stunning or handsome color in the world. But for Malik, it must have been pretty liberating, especially since he captioned the above photo on Instagram with the hashtag #GreenHairDon'tCare.

Malik's green hair may have been an act of rebellion, or simply an ode to his favorite holiday, but to me it shows that life is too short not to take a risk. We all know Malik's hair has been through a lot, from man buns to waves better than ones I can create. But if his attitude about his hair proves anything, it's that it's a way to reflect one's self and have a little fun while you're at it.

5. Hair Always Grows Back In The End

Have you ever had a terrible haircut and cried on your way home from the salon? Because I have, and I know from experience how horrifying that situation can be. But if Malik's ever-changing look proves anything, it's that your hair always grows back, and your look will always be evolving. Hair is a distinctive quality for everyone, but the great thing about it is that it's not going anywhere — even if you bleach it, dye it, and treat is as often as possible.

While I'm a big advocate for treating hair well and keeping it as natural as possible, Malik has proved that moving on from a big life event can give you reason to want and crave difference. And while I would advise not going too crazy on a spur of the moment decision, it's always nice to try something new and switch it up. And if worse comes to worse, we'll always have Malik to look to.

Images: zaynmalik/Instagram; Giphy; niazkilam/Instagram