Rocky Finally Apologizes To Kate During The 'Below Deck' Reunion & We Didn't See That Coming

Rocky has just been full of surprises during Season 3 of Below Deck . So it's no surprise that she would come prepared to the Below Deck reunion with a bag full of tricks. But during Tuesday night's second part of the reunion, Rocky did something I never thought I'd ever see her do in this lifetime. Rocky finally apologized to Kate during the Below Deck reunion, and the whole thing happened so fast, I kind of don't believe what I just saw.

The hour started off where we left off during the first part of the Below Deck reunion, which aired last Tuesday night. Rocky had just accused Kate of drinking while on charter when the fire broke out in the galley, a claim that no other crewmember thought had any legitimacy to it. So things between Kate and Rocky were just as tense as they had been during the season.

Pretty soon, Captain Lee started tearing into Rocky as well, calling her out for never taking responsibility for anything and always seeming to have an excuse for her behavior. He even accused Rocky of not being sincere in her apology to him after she took off all her clothes and dove off the boat when Leon was fired.

Well, Rocky sure showed him during the Below Deck reunion. Though she wasn't super remorseful to the fearless leader of the Eros, she did something that seemed to be even more powerful. Rocky said that she wished Kate and Amy had a more experienced stew this charter season so that they wouldn't have had such a hard time as they tried to get the job done.

And then something truly magical happened. Rocky apologized to Kate and Amy for her behavior this season. She and her chief stew even hugged it out. Yes, they actually embraced and in a nice way to boot. Though Kate didn't look too warm and fuzzy during the poignant moment (remember, bitchy resting faces are real, and Kate has one), she said she accepted Rocky's apology and thought it was genuine.

What's more, Kate actually had some nice things to say about Rocky during the Below Deck reunion. She even said she would email Rocky that checklist of tasks stews need to do while working on a yacht, which Kate said she famously wasn't ready for during the season.

I don't know about you, but it's going to take me a few days to process this whole thing and make sure it wasn't just a dream. The second and final part of the Below Deck reunion apparently proves that pigs really can fly. Now we'll just have to wait and see how long the goodwill between Kate and Rocky really lasts.

Image: Denis Contreras/Bravo