Kate & Rocky Still Aren't Getting Along

Not only did Bravo's brand new episode of Below Deck showcase engineer and deckhand Don quitting, but it showed even more tension between Rocky and Kate. As viewers watched during last Tuesday's episode, Kate pushed Rocky to her breaking point and even made her cry. Well, after Rocky chatted with her dad about the stress she was feeling thanks to Kate, he gave her a pep talk and told her not to let Kate get to her. Well, it didn't really work out that great, because there is still a lot of strain between the two, but I have a feeling Amy's sunny personality and positive outlook might help the tension.

There's a lot of push and pull between Rocky and Kate, which is something Amy knows quite well. During Season 2 of Below Deck, Amy and Kate didn't really get along, which actually might come to Rocky's rescue. Not only does Amy understand where Rocky is coming from, but now that she and Kate are seemingly on the same page, she can sort of become the mediator and hopefully unite the three stews as one.

While chatting with Kate, Amy gave her some sound advice and her point of view about the situation. Amy believes because Rocky is a rookie and just learning, both her and Kate should use that to their advantage. This way, they can shape her into a great strew, rather than trying to work with someone who is an expert and stuck in their ways. In typical Amy fashion (she's always looking at the bright side of life), she revealed during her private interview that she'd rather work with someone who is positive and fun, instead of someone who is an expert and negative.

As much as I understand where Kate is coming from in trying to teach Rocky and to get her to do her job the right way, I also agree with Amy. Positivity can go a long way and with Amy's help, Kate and Rocky might become the best of friends — or, you know, just tolerate one another.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo