11 Easy Holiday Nail Tutorials To Ensure Your Mani Is Perfect All Season Long — VIDEOS

The holiday season can make even the Scroogeiest of people enthusiastic about things they normally don't care about. I, who refused to dress up for Halloween, am now the world's most enthusiastic Christmas tree-owner, and holiday tunes are on constant blast in my apartment. Even if you're not normally into over-the-top holiday celebrations, you have to admit holiday beauty season is a ton of fun. From holiday hair to holiday nail art, there are a million ways to seize the season. If you're low maintenance like me, these easy holiday nail art tutorials will save you from spending hours on your nails.

I admittedly am not the world's most exciting person when it comes to nail colors. I keep my nails short, avoid nail art and stick to basic colors year round. From March to October, my nails are almost always painted a pale nude shade (I'm obsessed with Sally Hansen's "Almost Almond"), and in the fall and winter months, I'm all about the dark, moody shades. Navy, burgundy and charcoal grey are my go-tos. But even I can get enthusiastic about holiday-themed nails. I'm impatient and have limited nail skills, so these 11 nail easy holiday nail tutorials are right up my alley.

1. Snowfall Nails

YouTips4U on YouTube

These nails are perfect for beginners. The red color is festive, and the glittery, snowy accent nail really steps up your mani game.

2. Vampy Nails

FITNESS Magazine on YouTube

If you're normally all about dark, neutral nails, this is a great way to ease into nail art. It's super easy and subtly festive.

3. Bright Nails

Lancengi on YouTube

This video has three separate tutorials, but I'm all about the red ones. They remind me of stockings.

4. Red & Gold Nails

soguesswhat11 on YouTube

The gold polka dots on these red nails remind me of ornaments, but I love them. You can skip the green accent nail if it's too labor intensive.

5. Glitter & Matte nails

Your Nail Guru on YouTube

I love the contrast of this look, and if you have the right polish, it looks super easy. Pick a festive red or gold.

6. Holly Nails


If you're a French-manicure pro, this tutorial is for you. Add a few crystals and your nails will be the hit of the party.

7. Red Nails With Gold Tips

Cherry Dollface on YouTube

These are super subtle, but they'll definitely bring you some attention.

8. Striped Nails

cutepolish on YouTube

The red, green, and gold in this nail tutorial are all the classic Christmas colors, and they'll look perfect with your LBD.

9. Snowflake Nails

Blanca Dez on YouTube

If you're a fan of gray nails like I am, this tutorial is the perfect way to step up your mani game.

10. Candy Cane Nails

Disney Style on YouTube

This is one of the harder tutorials on the list, but the end result is so worth it.

11. Simple Glitter Nails

fancypolish on YouTube

Can't resist the glitter? This tutorial is perfect for you and way easier than it looks.

Grab your favorite polish and a nail pen, and you'll be set for the rest of the season.

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Image: Cherry Dollface/YouTube