8 Seriously Awesome Christmas Manicures

As much as I love Christmas, I kind of really suck at decorating. Which is why I love a good, Christmas-themed manicure. Because even if you go for something super intricate, it's still probably not going to take as long as hanging tinsel and lights everywhere. Plus, you can take this type of decoration with you anywhere you go. And if you're the type of person who just can't be bothered to take down decorations even when it turns February 1st (Hi, nice to meet you) you won't have to worry about it with nail art.

If you're a little short on inspiration though, there's no shortage of it on good ol' Instagram. With so many examples of holiday nail art, it might even be hard to choose just one motif to follow. So I've narrowed down some of the best Christmas manicures out there to help make the selection process a little less stressful. If you're ready to start planning how to get mini reindeers and santas on your nails (seriously, how cute??), and have your red and green nail polishes at the ready, here are eight Christmas manicures that can help inspire your own design:

1. Rhinestone Reindeer

That rhinestone reindeer decal is everything.

2. Christmas Sweater

A Christmas sweater is a key component of the season, which makes it the perfect theme for a manicure.

3. Holly Jolly Manicure

Between the touch of holly and that accent reindeer, this mixed set is perfection.

4. Tree Pickin'

If these were my nails, I would never be able to look up.

5. Candy Coated

Candy-cane stripes make such a sweet mani.

6. Frosted Tips

Rhinestones pair perfectly with snowmen and snowflakes.


A classic, holiday manicure turned up a notch.

8. Merry Minions

TIL: Yellow is a necessary color to have for the perfect Christmas manicure.

Image: @brini_1984/Instagram