Does Coconut Oil As Waterproof Makeup Remover Actually Work? — PHOTOS

I know you're probably inundated with coconut oil news on the daily, but instead of praising the oil today, I challenged it. Articles keep popping up claiming you can use coconut oil as waterproof makeup remover, and I'll admit I was skeptical. To settle once and for all whether or not this actually works, I got out my giant jar of coconut oil, some cotton makeup remover pads, and my trusty waterproof mascara.

I felt a little silly putting on mascara solely for the purpose of taking it off an hour later, but the truth had to be revealed! I know, I know, I work so hard for you all. Admittedly, my usual eye makeup removal strategy is pretty abysmal. I'll usually wet a towel with water, wipe it across my lids until at least most of my eye makeup has managed to come off, and then just call it a day and crawl into bed. I'm sure this is bad for my eyes, but what's a lazy and sleepy girl to do?

Below is my experiment to see whether or not coconut oil works as an effective waterproof makeup remover. Scroll down to find out if it was a success!

Step 1: Round Up Products

According to Allure, all you need is coconut oil and makeup remover pads. Simple enough!

Step 2: Warm Coconut Oil

Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature, YouBeauty advised taking a pea-sized amount and rubbing it between your fingers until warm enough to spread over your lids and lashes.

Step 3: Spread Over Lids

I then took the coconut oil and coated it my lids and lashes, taking care not to get it into my eyes. I inevitably did anyway, but it didn't burn and just blurred my vision for a few seconds (or, well, minutes).

Step 4: Wipe Away

I took the makeup remover pads and just swiped off the coconut oil.

Step 5: Splash With Warm Water As Necessary, Repeat Wiping

I tossed a little warm water on my face and continued wiping away.

Step 6: Admire All Of The Removed Makeup On Cotton Pads

Lo and behold, all my mascara was gone! (I'm clearly still recovering from the blurry vision in this shot!)

The Verdict

In conclusion, my eyes feel way more moisturized than when I just use water to remove eye makeup, and the process barely took any time at all. The only annoyance was blurred vision, but that wore off pretty fast. I'll definitely use this strategy from now on when I remember not to fall asleep wearing makeup.

If you'd like to try using coconut oil as a makeup remover, shop the products I used below.

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Images: Lindsey Rose Black