Lazy Girls Can Have An All-Wipe Beauty Routine

Makeup wipes are one of the greatest inventions IMHO. But what about all of the other beauty-related wipes that work to make our lives that much easier? I don't think they get enough credit; especially from us lazy girls (who are always touting the convenience of keeping a pack of makeup-remover wipes on one's nightstand for quick-and-easy makeup removal before sleeping). Well, from one lazy girl to another, it's time the utility of other types of beauty wipes receive the spotlight. Your beauty routine is about to become a whole lot easier, and a whole lot more streamlined.

Because not only can beauty products in wipe-form cut down on the total number of products you need for each task (nail polish-remover wipes replace nail polish remover + cotton balls), but they are also much more compact than their standard versions (trade in a 20-ounce bottle of lotion for a lotion wipe). Incorporating more wipes into a beauty routine can really declutter a vanity and cut down on the time it takes for each task. And bonus: beauty wipes are perfect for travel. Little packets instead of bottles? Not only will they save room in a suitcase, but they'll also remove the stress of making sure all liquids are less than three ounces. So whether you're a frequent flyer, or just a self-proclaimed lazy-girl, here are 11 types of wipes that will totally streamline your beauty routine:

1. Cleansing

Garnier Clean + Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes (3-pack), $14, Amazon

Face wipes are kind of a given. They clean away dirt and oil to refresh your skin, and are a great way to make sure you remove your makeup before going to bed.

2. Acne

Dr. Lin Skincare Acne Wipes, $8, Ulta

Medicated wipes make treating acne so much easier.

3. Deodorant

Whish Deodorant Swipes With Hair Inhibitor, $22, Amazon

Deodorant wipes are perfect for on-the-go after workouts, and are the answer to those pesky deodorant marks on clothes.

4. Lotion

Pacifica Hand & Body Lotion Wipes, $14, Amazon

Rubbing in lotion takes time. Wipes make hydrating post-shower so much faster.

5. Cooling

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths (2-pack), $6, Amazon

Cool off anytime, anywhere with wipes that refresh and reset the skin.

6. Tanning

TanTowel Self-Tan Towelette For Face & Body, $29, Amazon

How about a tan? Shuck the mitt and the mousse in favor of wipes that will deliver a streak-free glow.

7. Fragrance

Nomaterra On-The-Go Fragrance Wipes, $10, Sephora

Whether you want a touch-up, frequently travel, or just often forget to spritz a fragrance on your way out the door (guilty), these perfumed wipes will give skin a sweet scent.

8. Eye Makeup

Simple Eye Make-up Remover Pads, $5, Target

Dual phase makeup removers and cotton rounds are nice, but sometimes it's just too much. Easily wipe away all that waterproof mascara with makeup remover wipes made specifically for eyes.

9. Lip

Bite Beauty Bite Lush Lip Wipes, $17, Amazon

Yes, wipes for your lips do exist. They're especially handy if you need to swap out heavy-duty lip colors, or even if your lips just need to be refreshed and rehydrated.

10. Nail Polish

Butter London Glitter Scrubbers Textured Remover Wipes, $12, Ulta

A quick-and-easy at-home manicure is all about the nail polish-remover wipes. These ones are textured to even help remove glitter polish easier.

11. Brush

Sephora Collection Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes, $16, Sephora

And if you've ever worried about cleaning your makeup brushes on-the-go (or just don't feel like giving them a proper bath), there are wipes for that, too.

Next, how about makeup applicator-wipes so we can just sweep on the perfect cat eye? Can we get somebody on that?

Images: @beautybaker_23/Instagram; Courtesy Brands