Lady Gaga Wears Martini Loafers & They're Everything – PHOTOS

You can't wear heels 24/7. While she is often seen in towering, neck-snapping heels of at least six inches, Lady Gaga wore martini loafers that were insanely cute. They were appropriate, since Mother Monster wore them in Las Vegas, while hanging with her classic crooner BFF Tony Bennett and celebrating Frank Sinatra's birthday! If any occasion called for black slippers with an olive-stacked martini glass on the tops of the toes, it was this one.

It's incredibly rare for Gaga to ditch heels in favor of flats, like that time she rocked classic Converse. So she certainly made a statement when she opted for heel-free shoes. The graphic alone made me squeal with a mixture of delight, glee, and jealousy. But you'll see that Gaga paired them with a pair of hot pink pants, which were anything but subtle.

Loafers and slipper shoes are a fun way to do menswear if you don't want to tackle a suit out of the gates. Kristen Stewart wore killer skull and crossbones loafers this past summer. For someone like Gaga, heels are part of her fashion armor but heels can be murder on the feet. Even she needs an awesome alternative such as this.

Did you shriek like I shrieked? So adorbs.

If you want to try this trend, there are plenty of options at many price points. Gaga's were likely custom made, but there are loads of cute loafers.

These Marc by Marc Jacobs loafers are crazy cute. Check those heart-shaped eyes.

They are a bit steep but if you see yourself wearing these with, like, everything, then splurge. ($228,

These VIONIC Chill Athens loafers have a bit of bling, taking them to the next level. ($140,

Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry offers a metallic silver pair that would add some pop to any all-black ensemble. ($119,

These Circus by Sam Edelman shoes had me squealing again! Check out the pun. Adorbs, right? ($55,

Del Toro has tons and tons of graphic slipper and loafer options, but they are prestige prices. If you want to invest in a pair, shop the Del Toro site.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (5)