How Much Do The 'Work Out New York' Trainers Charge? These Killer Workouts Come At A Price

Anyone else miss Jackie Warner? I know I do. Bravo’s Work Out was must-see television for me, probably because I got to watch Warner yell and scream at clients while they worked out and I didn’t have to break a sweat. Though that show is no more, Bravo is bringing back the Work Out franchise, this time with Work Out New York. As the trailer for the show says, New York City is the mecca of fitness instructors (more on that later), so why not feature a show with more trainers than you can shake a kettle bell at? These pros are the best in the business, so how much does it cost to train with the Work Out New York stars?

The premise for the show is fairly straightforward. Viewers will see seven of New York City’s best and most popular fitness instructors, living their daily lives, whipping clients into shape, and deflecting (and probably causing) all the drama that Work Out New York can muster. You’ll feel like you worked out for two hours after just one episode! Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

But if you really want to experience the series firsthand, you have to train hard, perhaps with one of these instructors. A session with an in-demand trainer comes at a price, so let’s see just how much it costs to exercise with the cast of Work Out New York.

Lindsey Clayton

According to her profile, Lindsey got her start as professional dancer on Broadway tours, so this lady has been fit, well, forever. She’s trained in Jillian Michaels Bodyshred, Urban Rebounding, and more, and she’s one of the elite trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp. One Barry’s class costs in the range of $40, which won’t totally break your budget, but Lindsey also trains in private sessions. Now, I couldn’t find her exact rate, but if the “world’s most popular musicians, actors, models, and magazine editors” are your clients, it has to be pretty expensive per hour.

Joe Lazo

Joe is a former model who loves fashion as much as he loves fitness. He seriously does not shy away from a drop-crotch pant. According to, Joe has five training certifications—ACE, NCCPT, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Movement & Mobility, and CrossFit Kettlebell. His signature work out “combines elements of CrossFit, Muay Thai, and functional mobility and movement to give his demanding clients the sort of world-class workout they need.” Too bad his website doesn’t have any pricing!

Layla Luciano

Layla could definitely kick your butt—she has nearly 20 years of martial arts training, and she’s a third-degree black belt in karate. Nothing to mess with here. According to, Layla’s a certified elementary school teacher, which means she probably has some experience both with whining brats (who are kids and who are supposed to be whining) and whining brats who don’t want to do her workout. She is also a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, so a class with her will set you back about $40.

Lena Marti

Lena, or “The Real Coach Lee,” as she calls herself, is one busy woman. Her profile details her quest for greatness, nothing that while completing requisites for the coveted master trainer status in fitness, Lena teaches classes at Crunch, Equinox, and Orangetheory Fitness. A membership to Equinox will run you about $200 a month, depending on where you are. Crunch is about $80 a month with classes, and Orangetheory runs in the $40/a class range, depending on your location. Not too shabby for a world-class trainer, but I pay way too much for the gym as it is.

Noah Neiman

Another Barry’s Bootcamp alum, Noah is, according to Bravo, considered to be “an expert in the fitness world,” and he’s appeared on shows like Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, Nightline, and more. He’s also appeared in magazines like Shape, Vanity Fair, and Glamour. Not too shabby! Want to see Noah? Head over to Barry’s and stare at his beautiful head of hair for a mere $40. That would make me sweat.

Courtney Paul

Does Barry’s Bootcamp have a monopoly on hot trainers? I’ve never taken a class there myself, but damn — nearly all of the members of Work Out New York have a BB connection. What sets Courtney apart, according to his profile, is that “he uses visualization techniques, body sculpting moves, and positive reinforcement to encourage clients to push past physical limitations.” Sounds like what I need to get off the couch. He’s also trained celebrities like Alan Cumming, Dylan McDermott, Jane Krakowski, Tara Lipinski, and Ashley Graham. While they probably paid a whole lot more than you would, you can get a Courtney-certified workout at Barry’s Bootcamp for about two Jacksons. Not too bad.

Holly Rilinger

In the business for over a decade, Holly Rilinger can be seen most frequently as a Master Trainer at Flywheel Sports. Flywheel offers both barre classes and spinning classes for about $35 each or, if you want unlimited classes a month for both, about $600 a month. That’s rent for some people! According to Bravo, Holly also runs outdoor training camps, destination training camps, and more. I bet those are even pricier. May just have to settle for one class at Flywheel Sports if you want to see Holly.

Phew! Working out can get expensive, can't it? But you know what they say — no pain, no gain.

Image: Bravo