8 Women Who Should've Made 'GQ's Breakout List

You know what they say: only one woman can break into fame for every seven men who do the same. Oh, do they not say that? Well, it sure feels that way, especially when the GQ List of Breakout Stars in 2015 is released. The list features eight people total as prominent up-and-comers — and seven of those eight people were men. Brie Larson is wonderful and all, and I'm thrilled that she was chosen for this spread, given that she's almost criminally underrated despite working consistently in the industry for almost two decades now. But, surely, there were one or two or four other ladies who have been killing it lately who could have made the list alongside her.

In fact, I don't even have to speculate. I've already caught some of the impressive and decidedly breakout-y performances from some of the most talented women in the game right now, whether they were breaking out in television, movies, sports, or politics. And, because I'm a friendly spirit who doesn't hold grudges, I'm gonna share them with you. All eight of them. I'm not saying these women could have made up the entire GQ list, but they're definitely worth keeping in mind this year, and perhaps even going into the next year.

1. Amy Schumer

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Um, hello? Schumer has been in the game for a long time, but this is the year that it all really came together for her, with Inside Amy Schumer's hilarious takes on heightened reality, the box office smash that was Trainwreck, and Schumer just generally being her badass self and giving zero effs. This was her year, no question.

2. Léa Seydoux


I was about to brag that the French actress had been in three films this year alone, but one look at Seydoux's IMDb page shows me that that's pretty much par for the course for her. But, this year, one of those films happened to be Spectre, where she wowed audiences as a Bond girl with brains. It's all happening.

3. Zoë Kravitz


Oh, y'know, just a couple movies called Mad Max: Fury Road, and Insurgent, maybe you've heard of them? Hint: one of them was one of the most talked-about feminist paeans of the year, and the other is part of one of the most successful young adult franchises on the market right now. And she's in both, while also finding time to rep modeling, fashion, and music. Respect.

4. Alicia Vikander


Once again, if someone is in multiple movies that have gotten a ton of buzz this season, she's probably someone to take a look at. Not only was she the most compelling part of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (sorry fellas), but she also kicked ass in Ex Machina, rubbed elbows with Bradley Cooper in Burnt, and got dramatic with The Danish Girl. And she has four films already on the docket for 2016, so definitely don't sleep on her any longer.

5. Cecile Richards

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Don't care that she's not a traditional celebrity, Cecile Richards is a beast and a boss, and she earned my undying respect and admiration this year in her untiring defense of Planned Parenthood, where she serves as President. My hero forever, props all day.

6. Dakota Johnson

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone? A movie that Dakota Johnson almost singlehandedly brightened with her subtle sense of humor and perfect comic timing? Honestly, she deserves an Oscar for that, but just a spot on the list will be fine. Also she has How To Be Single coming up, in which she stars opposite comedy veteran Rebel Wilson, so she is most definitely going places.

7. Rhonda Rousey

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Sure, she just got taken down in that insane upset by Holly Holm, but Rousey was the undisputed queen of the sporting world pretty much all year. She's confident, successful, talented, and unafraid — four qualities that have more than earned her the designation of a breakout star of 2015.

8. Gina Rodriguez

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Let me make this easier for you guys: next time, take a sneaky peek at the list of people who have won Emmys for their work on Jane The Virgin in the year you're give commendations for, and use that for inspiration. Because a list of hot new talent in 2015 that doesn't include Rodriguez's name on it is chronically behind-the-times, and I don't care who hears me say it.

There are a ton of women who have more than earned their spot on a breakout stars list, so limiting it to just Brie Larson was something of an oversight. Hopefully, these women, and many more, make the list next year.