Drake Is Not-So-Secretly A Jelena Fangirl

by Michelle McGahan

Here's your random Internet fun fact of the day: apparently, Drake is a Jelena shipper. The world quickly learned this crucial tidbit of information after Justin Bieber shared a throwback pic of himself and Selena Gomez via Instagram on Tuesday night and, according to what appears to be a screenshot of Bieber's comments (hey, someone could have Photoshopped this randomness...), Champagne Papi threw in his two cents, commenting on the provocative pic and outing himself as a Jelena fangirl in the process. But the craziest thing of all is that this might not actually be so random — of course Drake ships Jelena. There is straight video evidence of him witnessing a fetus Jelena moment so awkwardly adorable that it almost makes you forget everything that's happened in the couple's relationship since. Plus, Drake is totally down with the Biebs.

Let's start with the photo of Bieber and Gomez, which the "Sorry" singer first posted without any context and later captioned "Just a throwback calm down." Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that interspersed with the usual "OMG" and "JELENA" comments was a message from Drake that allegedly read, "Damn thought this was a Jelena current day flick," along with a sad face emoji and the Canadian flag. Toronto represent, amirite?

Upon learning the news that Drizzy was a diehard Jelena fangirl, the Internet collectively freaked out — and understandably so. It's flat-out hilarious (and seemingly, entirely random AF) that Drake has any stake in Bieber and Gomez's relationship. But really, should we be all that surprised that he actually does? The rapper was literally there for one of the earliest public Jelena moments — the night of Canada's 2011 Much Music Video Awards. Drake is straight-up on stage standing next to them when Bieber and Gomez pretend to meet each other for the first time and the Biebs awkwardly asks the singer-actress out. AND IT'S ALL ON CAMERA.

Sure, Drake doesn't exactly comment on any of the awkward teen flirting going on in front of him (he's there to collect his award, after all), but he's kinda got the inside scoop here. You know when you witness a couple being all kinds of adorable in the early stages of their relationship and you're all like "yes please be together forever I'm rooting for you?" That is Drake. Not to mention he's clearly friends with Bieber — the two have collaborated before and Bieber recently slayed his cover of "Hotline Bling" — so of course he wants his friend to be happy. JB even took things to a new level on Twitter, referring to the rapper as his "brother" and using the hashtag "family" to describe his relationship with Drake. Awww.

And then there's that shared hometown pride, which Drake makes sure to point out in his 2011 MMVAs speech. Those Canadian bonds are unbreakable — kind of like the Jelena relationship, which will at least live on forever if Justin Bieber's Instagram (and Drake) has anything to say about it.