Oprah's Memoir Auction Hits 8 Figures

You get a memoir! You get a memoir! YOU ALL GET MEMOIRS!

Oprah's memoir auction is at 8 figures — that's tens of millions, for us poors. Deadline reports that the bidding war for the as-yet-untitled autobiography began "under the cone of silence a couple of weeks ago," and notes that participating publishers — which, let's be honest, is all of them — signed non-disclosure agreements about the deal. No one's giving exact numbers, but Oprah's auction result is sure to make Amy Schumer's book deal look paltry by comparison.

In its exclusive report, Deadline says Macmillan imprint Flatiron Books is currently the top contender, but we all know how quickly that could change. Auctions are fickle things, and Oprah is a hot ticket. I mean, she's Oprah. The woman practically invented personal branding, at least for non-politicians.

Oprah has co-written a handful of books, but this will be her "definitive memoir." Most recently, she published What I Know for Sure: a September 2014 collection of entries from her O, The Oprah Magazine column of the same name. What I Know for Sure remained on the New York Times Best Seller list for Religion, Spirituality and Faith through January 2015.

Holler at all the boss ladies reeling in the (much deserved) cash.