10 Best Etsy Ugly Christmas Sweaters To Shop

by Lindsey Rose Black

While it's easy to pick up an ugly Christmas sweater at any major chain store (I'll admit — Target has some cute ones!), I really enjoy digging through indie retailers to find something totally unique. In the holiday spirit of giving, I'm sharing the best Etsy ugly Christmas sweaters to shop that I've scouted out so far this season. I personally love scrolling through Etsy shops for like, hours, but this streamlined list will help you narrow in on an ugly Christmas sweater winner fast.

If this is your first Etsy shopping experience, PopSugar and Refinery29 put together some wonderful tips that I follow religiously. For instance, always read the feedback and comments on a shop's page. Depending on what they say, you'll either feel super confident about your purchase or grateful you know it's maybe not the wisest buy. Additionally, PopSugar recommends knowing exactly what the details on return policies are before you consider a purchase. I've found most shops will respond to me within a few days if it's not posted on their site. Lastly, Refinery29 pointed out how you can customize your feed by favoriting Etsy items. Most of my best discoveries are thanks to favoriting!

Speaking of best discoveries — below are my favorite Etsy ugly Christmas sweaters and I definitely intend to buy one soon.

1. Drake

Drake Ugly Christmas Sweater, $19, SweetCoolShirts

"You used to wear me on your Christmas sweater. You used to, you used to."

2. #Elfie

#Elfie Sweater, $29.95, SheSquatsClothing

This cozy pull-over sweater is just begging for selfies.

3. Bows And Bells

Ugly Christmas Sweater White, $25, RockinRagsbyReese

For ugly Christmas sweater purists, this jingling one can't be beat.

4. Cats

Meowy Christmas, $24, RCTees

Have yourself a meowy little Christmas in this adorable sweater.

5. Yoda

Yoda Sweater, $52.61, KnitsIn8bit

For all the star wars lovers out there, may the ugly sweater force be with you.

6. Candy Canes

Candy Cane Sweater, $22, LynnsRags

I love that this is basically an ugly Christmas sweater dress. I'm thinking a pair of green tights underneath FTW.

7. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Cardigan, $24, VintageOmaha

OK, but for real, is this not the wackiest/best cardigan you've ever seen?

8. Snowflake

Snowflake T, $20, skipnwhistle

If you're somewhere sunny, this t-shirt style ugly Christmas sweater is the perfect choice!

9. Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man Sweater, $29.95, styleURshirt

Ah, the trials of gingerbread man life.

10. Penguin

Penguin Ugly Christmas Sweater, $49.99, SilverSpoonLifestyle

OK, this was just too weird and magical not to include.

Pssst. Want more Etsy fashion? I scan ACutAboveTheRetsy at least once a month!

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Images: Etsy