Your Ultimate 'Game Of Thrones' Gift Guide

Now that we’re in December, it is officially the most wonderful — and most expensive — time of the year. Financial aspects aside, gift giving can be an incredibly stressful chore. You have to make a list and check it twice… to make sure everyone is included. Then the panic sets in about finding the perfect gift for every single person on said list. Well, if you’re buying presents for Game of Thrones fans this year, have no fear! I've composed a gift guide to shopping for Game of Thrones lovers this holiday season that ensures no one will be left out, and everyone will be happy with their spoils.

With a popular, breakout series like Game of Thrones, fans are not one size fits all. People with many different tastes love the book series turned big budget HBO drama. Bookworms, feminists, TV buffs, action seekers, fantasy fanatics, and those who simply love a good story alike all know and love the series. So, whatever Game of Thrones fan you have on your shopping list this year, I have your back.

From the book purist, to the collector, to the ironic T-shirt wearer, here’s where you can find the perfect gift for your favorite Game of Thrones fan.

For The Purist

This is a fan who has read all of the books, never misses an episode, and can make a discussion of fan theories sound like well-supported, intellectual conversation. This person might like the basics, a gift set of the book series or a box set of the show on Blu-ray or DVD.

Set of GoT Books, $27, Amazon

GoT Blu-Ray Box Set, $105, Amazon

A purist may also enjoy this GoT pop-up book or a copy of The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones — a companion history and guide to the book series.

GoT pop-up book, $43, Amazon

The World of Ice & Fire, $25, Amazon

For The Board Game Enthusiast

These fans probably love Settlers of Catan and remind you a lot of Ben Wyatt on Parks and Rec — they would totally invent their own Cones of Dunshire! They would love a Game Of Thrones board game, GoT Monopoly, or GoT Risk.

Game Of Thrones board game, $41, Amazon

GoT Monopoly, $38, Amazon

GoT Risk, $58, Amazon

For The Host/Hostess

This GoT fan could throw a feast fit for a Westeros wedding, minus the murder of course. This person loves to eat, drink, and be merry. This host with the most would likely love their own copy of A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook or this House Stark cookie stamp.

A Feast of Ice and Fire, $21, Amazon

House Stark Cookie Stamp, $12, Etsy

This fan may also like House shot glasses and Game of Thrones beer — which is a real thing?!

House Shot Glasses, $22, Amazon

Game of Thrones Beer, $20, Amazon

For The Fan With Kids

These Game of Thrones fans tuck in their kids and turn on HBO. They'd love to pass the fandom onto the next generation one day — you know, when it's age appropriate. Help foster a love of GoT in their kids with a plush direwolf pup or an adorable, personalized House onesie.

Direwolf, $39, Amazon

House Onesie, $12, Etsy

For The Collector

This fan loves memorabilia and may get super mad if you take the action figure out of the original box. Help feed the habit with GoT collector's items. This person would probably love Game of Thrones Pop! figurines or other collectable figures.

Pop! Figures, $8, Amazon

Jon Snow Figure, $18, Amazon

If this fan is into replicas, this Iron Throne bookend and Longclaw letter opener may be just what they wished for this holiday season.

Iron Throne bookend, $55, HBO

Longclaw Letter Opener, $24, Amazon

For The Fan Who Loves To Decorate

For the fans who love to rep their Game of Thrones love wherever/whenever they can. They wear it and may call their of own home House of [Insert Last Name Here].

Help them decorate with a GoT mug, this romantic Dothraki print, or these dragon egg soaps!

GoT mug, $15, Etsy

Dothraki print, $18, Etsy

Dragon egg soaps, $30, Etsy

For The Fashionista

These fans express themselves — and their fandoms — through clothing. Help stock their closets this holiday season with GoT attire and accessories.

Just in time for the holidays, gift this "Let it Snow" tee! Or give them these GoT nails or cute "You know nothing Jon Snow" sweatshirt.

Let it Snow Tee, $22, Amazon

GoT Nail Decals, $8, Etsy

"You Know Nothing, Jon Snow" Sweatshirt, $25, Etsy

For The Class Clown

This fan is the funny one in the group. They love to laugh but they also have a darker side that is super into the HBO drama. Support this fan's duality with these playful GoT gifts. This fan may love some canned dragon meat or a George R. R. Martin prayer candle.

No matter which present you choose to gift, there's no going wrong with a GoT item this holiday season.

Canned Dragon Meat, $14, Amazon

George R. R. Martin Prayer Candle, $15, Etsy

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO (1), Giphy (8), Amazon (7), ThinkGeek, Ommegang, Store.HBO (7), Etsy (9)