'You're The Worst' Is Renewed For Season 3, Proving The Show Is Actually The Best

OK, I have bad news and I have good news. Which do you want first? Actually, you don't get to choose, because they're both the same: You're The Worst has been renewed for Season 3! Obviously, that's great news all around, but, when you have a show that has "the worst" in its title, it can go both ways. Best to cover all my bases, but the main base is that this is incredible news, for the series' creator, Stephen Falk, its cast and crew, and, most importantly, all of us. We've all grown so attached to the charmingly repulsive characters of Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere) and Gretchen Cutler (Aya Cash) that we can no longer imagine living without them. If I can't watch them be terrible to each other, how can I justify my own unapologetic behavior toward myself and others?

But, luckily, I'm guaranteed to have my grossness not only rewarded but also encouraged for a full 'nother season. Season 2 of You're The Worst is on now, with the finale airing Dec. 9, and that gives us just about a six month break or so before Season 3 starts in Summer 2016. This is truly wonderful news across the board, and nobody says it better than FX's Original Programming Chief Nick Grad:

You’re the Worst, already one of the most critically-acclaimed comedies on television, is also one of the most innovative, something Stephen and the cast will continue in the much-deserved third season. The daring turn this season, led by the honest and respectful portrayal of Gretchen’s depression, was a very courageous move for a comedy and another milestone for You’re the Worst.

Or, as the characters of this show would put it: this show is great, and you're an idiot if you haven't watched it yet. Now get out of my face, I'm trying to get drunk.

Image: FX