'You're the Worst' Teaser Takes The Anti-Romantic Comedy To The Next Level — VIDEO

Premiering in summer of 2014, You're the Worst was one of the best shows to explode onto the scene in years. Sharp, cynical and sexy, the relationship between the relationship-averse Jimmy Shive-Overly and Gretchen Cutler took on Hollywood clichés and made the romantic comedy genre feel fresh. There's nothing more beautiful than seeing selfish and self-destructive people be selfish and self-destructive together, getting raunchy and getting their Sunday Funday on. Need more proof? You're The Worst 's second teaser should do the trick.

As Bustle's own Kayla Hawkins wrote in 2014, "You’re the Worst is an inside-out romantic comedy, where the characters constantly try to out-match one another’s dispassion." It's a great observation about the show: Jimmy and Gretchen are embarrassed rather than encouraged about their genuine feelings for one another, and they hate labels more than your average young people. Case-in-point: On the series, when Jimmy's BFF mentions the fact that Jimmy and Gretchen are boyfriend and girlfriend, Gretchen spits out her food and goes, "Come on! We're eating!"

This funny, sharp examination of contemporary dating is exactly what the world needs. You're the Worst implicitly dismantled romantic comedy clichés with Jimmy and Gretchen suppressing their feelings and getting into a "who could hook up with a hotter person" competition during their non-exclusive phase. But, to market the second season, You're the Worst is doing hilarious, direct parodies of grand romantic gestures from films.

In a teaser released Tuesday, Jimmy and Gretchen take on Sixteen Candles, which isn't as innocent as the John Hughes version.

Here, they take on the epic Spider-Man kiss... as Jimmy tries to take things into a NSFW direction:

So, yeah, Season 2 is going to be awesome — and fans will find out in September whether these teasers are simply promoting the tone of the show or suggesting that Season 2 will take the anti-romantic comedy into more parody-style humor.

Image: Byron Cohen/FX